EPISODE REVIEW: Sanctuary: “Acolyte” (Season 4; Episode 10)

Charles H
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Sanctuary is back on Friday night and Kate Freelander is back on Sanctuary.

Declan and Will are racing through the jungle trying to find Helen Magnus. They leave the jeep and race on foot towards a hotel. They try to raise Helen on the radio. As they try in vain to contact her, the building explodes.

Three days ago, Declan is on the line with Kate. Helen, Will, and Henry are glad to she her. She has been working to rebuild Praxis in Hollow Earth. She has come to London based on information that some rogue abnormals may be planning a terror attack. The group is trying to take over the surface.

Helen tells hennery to find and call the Big Guy back. She sends Will to London to help Kate and Declan. Henry is unable to get in touch with the Big Guy.

In London, Kate and Will interrogate the abnormal who supplied the information. This abnormal can wrap himself up into a shell. He is not cooperative and says the group is willing to die to achieve its goals.

Kate, Will, and Declan go to a house the abnormal they were questioned often went. Everyone in the house is dead. They tell Helen of their findings. She believes that the group is killing those that are not as devoted and preventing leaks. The group also found a shipping label. The label leads them to Lisbon.

There is a large governmental meeting in Lisbon of all who work with abnormals. Henry finds a list of the people that are attending the conference at the hotel. Tesla is not on the list.

Will and Kate are willing to let the abnormal they have in custody go. Before they do, they show hem pictures of his dead friends. He becomes cooperative. He tells them that the group is sending explosive items to Lisbon.

Helen goes to warn Greg Addison. He is the head of the US abnormal team. He is already aware of the situation and can’t believe she didn’t know earlier. He shows her a picture of the Big Guy meeting with the terrorist abnormals. Helen can’t believe what she sees.

Declan, Will, and Kate arrive at a warehouse in Lisbon the terrorist abnormals are using. They run into some abnormals. The group is able to stun the abnormals before they can do any damage.

Helen and Henry search for information about the Big Guy. They find a recording where the Big Guy is pledging his loyalty to the cause. Helen has figured it out and goes down to the holding cells to confront Crixorum. Crixorum is an abnormal that can bend someone’s will to his own desires. He did this to the Big Guy. He tells Helen she is too late and what he has done cannot be undone. Helen threatens Crixorum in order to get the plans. He won’t tell her. She tells him that she is aware of a surgical procedure that will remove his mental abilities. As she prepares for surgery, he tells her the attack is scheduled for tomorrow in Buenos Aries.

The Big Guy records a video statement. He says that the humans will pay for oppressing the abnormals. He also says, “From below, we rise.”

Helen arrives in Buenos Aries and warns Addison to clear the hotel. He says he has everything under control.

The abnormal terrorists along with the Big Guy are in the hotel basement. They each have explosives strapped to themselves. They plan to blow key structural points and bring the building down.

Helen and Kate find the Big Guy in the hotel basement. Helen confronts him and tries to talk him into removing the vest and leaving with her. He refuses and arms his vest. Kate sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a fire extinguisher. They get the explosives off him and flee in the van. Before they get too far, the explosives detonate and the van is knocked over.

Will and Declan mange to get to them. Helen and the Big Guy are slightly injured, Kate more so.

At the Sanctuary, Kate awakens after being out for a week. Will is there and tells her 11 people were killed in the blast but the Big Guy and Helen survived. Kate is anxious to get back to Hollow Earth to help with the rebuilding. She also wants to get back to Garris, the leader of the group that Kate went to Hollow Earth with.

The Big Guy’s memories have been restored thanks to the help of an abnormal, a mermaid to be exact. The Big Guy brings Helen some tea. They talk and he assures her that he is okay. Helen sends him to get some supplies.

The Big Guy pulls into an alley. He knocks on a door. He tells the guy that answers “From below, we rise.” He is allowed in.

Rating: 7 abnormals out of 10 (a good episode but mostly setup for the final 3 of the season.)

Random Thoughts:
• It was nice having Kate back.
• Is the Big Guy truly a traitor? Is he still under mind control? Is he a double agent?