EPISODE REVIEW: Sanctuary: “The Depths” (Season 4, Episode 11)

Charles H
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It is therapy time at the Sanctuary.

Will and Magnus are discussing closing some smaller Sanctuaries in the network. Since they no longer work with the government, money is a bit harder to come by. Henry is tracking the movements of the SCIU (Specified Counter Insurgency Unit). They are hunting an abnormal in Bolivia. Magnus remembers her father looking for an elusive abnormal in Bolivia. Legend has it this abnormal can give people strength and wisdom. Magnus’ father was the only one who returned from an expedition to find the creature. He warned all to stay away.

So, Magnus and Will go to Bolivia. They find the SCIU team in a cave. They have the abnormal trapped. When Magnus and Will try to help the serpent looking creature, they are stunned.

After Magnus and Will wake up, members of the SCIU shot at the roof. The abnormal is angered and breaks free. The chaos results in a cave-in and members of SCIU shooting wildly at the creature. Magnus ends up with broken ribs and Will is shot in the side.

Magnus looks around for medical supplies. She finds an underground spring and collects some of the water for Will to drink. The water ends up mending both Will and Magnus. They realize it is not the abnormal but the water that has the powers.

As Magnus and Will search for a way out, they argue. Will is upset that Magnus is controlling and does what she does anything necessary to achieve her goals. She says she as to make hard decisions sometimes. During the arguing we learn that Magnus has been watching Will since he was young and paid for his schooling. Will thinks that Magnus has been controlling him. Magnus says he could have always said no.

Magnus and Will become trapped by the abnormal at a small underground lake. Will drinks the water in hope of gaining the knowledge to determine an escape. Will sees the solution. The abnormal is afraid of the sun. The roof of the cave is thin so they are able to expose areas and let the sun in. Will finds a current that they can use to get out.

They find a way out but the effects of the water wearing off have left Will too weak to climb out. Magnus goes back to get him more water. It is when her wrist monitor messes up that Helen realizes it is the rocks that the water runs across that hold the special properties. She gives Will some water and uses a rock to relight a flashlight.

Back at the Sanctuary, Will has to slowly come off the water. He ingested too much to quit cold turkey. Will tells Magnus he wants to become her partner and share the load. Magnus tells him she will let him know when it is time and to trust her.

Back at the Sanctuary, Henry is making a video for his unborn child. He tries to prepare the baby for the zombie apocalypse. Henry also shows his new personal energy shield. The device has a huge heavy battery and several kinks.

Rating: 7 abnormal out of 10. This was a fine episode but felt out of order. It would have worked better after “Fugue” (the singing episode) when Will and Magnus were at odds over her medical treatment of Abby.

Stray Thoughts:
• After last weeks reveal that the Big Guy may be a traitor, we get nothing. All the more reason this episode should have aired a little sooner in the season.
• The problems between Will and Magnus needed to be worked out, but there was not any forward momentum in the season arc.
• Ratings were back up last week. Hoping for a 5th season.
• Next week begins the two part season finally.

Will conservatives like this?
Of course.