EPISODE REVIEW The Regular Show: The Night Owl

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OK I’m now back and better than ever. Lately I’ve been really busy. That and I have been coming to terms with growing old and my mortality. Yeah I know pretty dark stuff huh. But its all apart of the life cycle. I’ve also been watching some Silver Surfer too. It’s a fantastic show that I’m now considering reviewing. Although today I will be reviewing the Regular Show The Night Owl. Why? Cause R3 a week ago asked me. Yes its late but, really I should have been reviewing this show much earlier it has a lot Sci-fi elements and 80’s-90’s references.Yep good stuff.


Like most episode it begins with Mordicai and Rigby listening to some tunes on the radio with Muscle Man and High Five Ghost. A man on the radio called the Night Owl says he’s giving a away a brand new Muscle Car. The only thing is you have to stay on top of the Billboard or the last one standing to when the prize. Both parties come to the conclusion to work together to win the prize. Surprisingly this actually works as they are the last still at the top.
This makes the Night Owl radio show man uneasy when he hears they are going to share the car. So he causes some discourse in the group and they all fight against each other in a tent. As they fight each other the Night Owl freezes then with Nitrogen which causes them to go into stasis which prolongs the game into the year 4224. By that time a huge dome has been built around them featuring them as the main museum attraction. So they eventually thaw out due to the Nitrogen tank running out and not being replace.
The fight resumes but Mordicai senses something’s amiss. The group then head outside to discover they are in the future they get into it again and all discover they were duped by the Night Owl.
The guards spot them and they get inside the prize car and drive off. While driving Rigby figures since their in the future they can escape and go back through a time machine. This actually works as the best the night owl in combat and go back to the day of the competition to crash it, literally. The Night Owl cries fowl and Muscle Man gives a well deserved punch to the Night Owl (So badass). The group discuss that the fact of them being there in the past they could run into their past selves. Mordicai doesn’t think so (obviously somebody hasn’t been watching doctor who) but, Muscle Man jokes if the do they’ll just fight them to the death. Then the next shot is their past selves staring in horror at what they just saw and heard. The end.


Alright in general I thought this a little lesser than most Regular Show episodes certainly far from the worst. In general I like this show a lot. What sets it apart from Adventure Time is pretty much everything except the duo dynamic played into the show. Adventure Time is about going on crazy adventure in a bright but post-apocalyptic HighRule-esque world. Regular Show is about how average guys doing remedial tasks or activities that result in a huge epic cluster-cuss of a situation. Pretty much all these situations give great moments and have amazing pay offs.

One of the things I like most about this episode is that I could picture Muscle man and High Five ghost going on their own adventures. It seem that they have enough material to do so even without delving into it so much. Same can be said with Pops, Skips and Benson. I would really like some episodes that concentrates on these people as group because they are that funny they plus interact well.

This episode as a total had got at least two laughs and a chuckle. One laugh concerning Benson's comment about him always knowing that they were great. It’s a easy joke but it got me. The whole frozen in nitrogen and thrown into the future is a little played but, I just took it as a bad 80’s reference to a certain Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone movie. Although I am concerned whether this is canon though most likely not.(Another distinction between adventure time and regular show) Overall I give it a 8.0

Will conservative like this?
Sure don’t see why not.