Episode Review: LOST:"The Candidate" (Season 6, Episode 14)

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Tonight, I want to know if you trust me. Do you trust me to tell the truth about Lost tonight? If I told you that there were very little answers in tonight's action packed thriller of an episode, would you continue on beyond the jump?

I wish you would believe me....


2004 Timeline

: Locke awakens in the hospital, with Jack hovering over him. Jack says that he thinks he can restore his ability to walk; Locke turns him down.
Jack runs into Bernard, who had done Locke's oral surgery. Bernard gives Jack Anthony Cooper's name, as being in the same accident as Locke three years prior. When he tries to see Cooper, Helen stops him, wondering why saving John's life wasn't enough. Jack says "Because it's not". She takes him to see John's father, who is in a vegetative state.

Jack visits Locke, who is saying things like "Push the button" and "I wish you had believed me". Just then, his newly discovered sister Claire. He's discovering the Oceanic 815 connection through almost everyone he meets of late. He invites Claire to stay with him while she's in LA.

Jack finds out that Locke and his dad were in a plane accident that Locke had caused in his first solo flight. Jack still thinks he can save Locke's legs, and calls out after him as John is leaving the hospital "I wish you'd believe me". This resonates, but Locke leaves anyway.


Timeline: Jack awakens in a canoe, with Sayid welcoming him to Hydra Island. Smokey McLocke had saved his life, and needs Jack to help recover the defectors; Sawyer and the others are locked in the cages by Widmore and his men, and apparently Widmore has 'The List'. Smokey runs a diversionary tactic while Jack unlocks Sawyer, Kate and company.

They make their way to the plane, but Widmore has it rigged to blow up- four blocks of C-4 would make a nice fireball. As a result, McLocke decides to hijack the submarine. Sawyer, as usual, has an angle, and wants Jack to help him neutralize Smokey. They quickly assault and take the sub. After Jack tosses Smokey in the water, Kate is shot. They all embark, even though Jack has said repeatedly that he is not going back, leaving Smokey and Claire behind. Smokey has left a little gift for the escapees… he has given them the C-4 and a ticking clock.

Jack believes if they do nothing, they will be okay. Sawyer's inability to trust causes the bomb to count down rapidly. Sayid tells Jack that Desmond is still alive, and that he needs to get him--- because he will be the one that's left. Sayid takes the bomb, runs down the corridor and explodes. The rest all try to escape, with varying degrees of success. Lapidus is down, Sun is stuck behind some heavy duty hardware, Sawyer is knocked out. Jack swims out with Sawyer, Kate is taken to the surface by Hurley, and Sun and Jin drown together.

There are four left on the beach, Hurley, Kate, Sawyer and Jack- alone in their grief.

But Smokey knows they're alive and sets out to finish what he had started.


Not a lot to observe with this one. A lot of "hurry up" followed by more "hurry up". That doesn't mean that a few time bombs (heh. See what I did there?) weren't dropped.

Jack has noticed that there is something odd circulating around Flight 815 in the alternate timeline. How much he has actually put together is up for grabs, but he knows there is something going on.

Locke's talking in his sleep is rather revealing, there's a part of all of them that remembers their previous/parallel lives, which brings me to the

Crackpot Theory of the Week

The parallel universe is not a parallel universe- it is a kind of Heaven. Almost to a person, everyone's life is not only better, it has ALWAYS been better. John Locke loves his father, he's in love with Helen. Jack has a son and is a much better person. Sawyer has turned his personal tragedy into a positive by becoming a cop.
Claire gets a family, Kate… well, we may find something out there as well. Sayid gets closer to his heart's desire, and Jin is a stronger, slightly better man. Mind you, this means that they are all dead.

Well, they almost all are anyway.

Jack was probably right about the bomb; I wish Sawyer had believed him...
Sawyer has now killed his friends in very nearly the same way that Jack killed Juliet. Guns don't kill people. Bombs kill people.

I really liked the way that Jack told off Smokey, invoking the name of Locke. And although it kind of evoked Titanic, I thought that Jin and Sun's death was touching.

Tonight, it was about Trust.
I wish that you'd believe me…