Episode Review: Lost: "Happily Ever After" (Season 6 Episode 11)

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Episode Review: Lost: "Happily Ever After" (Season 6 Episode 11)

Since it seems to help the synoptically disadvantage, tonight's logline reads: Desmond awakens and discovers that he's on the island.

Oh that is Sooo descriptive. It's like "Charlie wakes up to discover he's dead".

Well, what does Desmond discover after his cup o' joe?
Jump to find out. Do I need to say that our recaps contain spoilers?

Play by Play

2007 Zoe wakes up Desmond. Well, there goes the logline. He asks for his wife, but that's not possible because she's on FlashForward. Widmore explains that they are back on the island. Bad move, as Desmond doesn't take that at all well. Jin wonders what Desmond is doing there as well. Apparently, Widmore has some tests that he wants to run on Desmond with a giant electromagnet. A giant, deadly, electromagnet!

Widmore explains that after the electromagenet thing, he will ask Desmond to make a sacrifice. Widmore then turns the giant deadly electromagnet on… flashing Desmond into the 2004 timeline.

2004 Desmond is at LAX where he encounters Hurley and Claire. He is picked up by a driver who takes him to his office. Desmond is all business in this timeline, and he works for Widmore… and is apparently good friends with him. Widmore gets Desmond to babysit Charlie because Drive Shaft is to play at an event his wife is hosting.

As usual, babysitting Charlie is not the easiest of tasks. Charlie's in love with Claire , but a dream version. Desmond is more the pragmatist, and gives Charlie a choice- either come with him, or face career destruction. In response, Charlie sends Desmond's car to the bottom of the ocean, Desmond, Charlie and all. In the water, Charlie shows Desmond the palm of his hand through the window glass- Desmond flashes on the other timeline and sees "Not Penny's Boat" on Charlie's hand. This time, however, Desmond is able to pull Charlie to the surface.

Desmond is at the hospital, and they put him in an MRI machine. That's Magnetic Resonance Imaging to you and me… big freakin' electromagnets….
That cause him to remember the alternate timeline.

He tries to find Charlie with Jack's help, but Charlie finds his legs and runs. Desmond catches him, and Charlie figures out that he, too, had seen the alternate timeline. Charlie makes a dash for it.

Desmond is dispatched to tell Mrs. Widmore that Drive Shaft will not be performing. Eloise (!!) is actually fine with it. What she's NOT fine with is that he is asking about a name on her guest list… a Penny. She says that he has obviously seen something that he should not have and that if he is to pursue it, it is a violation. She says that Hume has been given the perfect life and everything he's ever wanted… and that if he doesn't stop, it's implied that it will all go away, because he's not ready. As Desmond tries to leave, he's stopped by Daniel (Faraday) Widmore.

Daniel talks about love at first sight, he's apparently seen Charlotte. After he saw her, he scribbled quantum physics equations into his notebook. He has no idea what they meant, but after having them analyzed has come to the conclusion that he caused the alternate timeline. Daniel tells him how to find Penny… he finds her running up the stadium stairs. He offers her his hand, and flashes back to the 2007 timeline. Suddenly he's cooperative… he's led through the jungle, Sayid ambushes them and takes Hume…. and he flashes to 2004, where he asks Penny for a date. Back in his limo, he asks his driver to get the manifest for Oceanic 815 because… he has to show them something.


Holes… big freakin' cracks… are beginning to show in the alternate universe. To varying degrees, Desmond, Charlie, Daniel and Eloise are conscious of this. I'm not sure about Widmore himself, but it would track. Does this mean that Widmore's mission is to stop the formation of the alternate timeline?

Here's the thought- for the most part, the lives of the Oceanic passengers are much improved in the new timeline. How long can that last before reality breaks through and destroys everything in the happy timeline? It seems to be thinly plastered over the former timeline, and the inconsistencies are beginning to show a bit. Daniel, Charlie and Desmond all loved truly in the former timeline, and as sappy as that seems, it is love that is breaking through the veneer.

To wax rhapsodic (a bit), if the reset button didn't leave you with your love, that love would still find you, no matter what, no matter when. It's a very Romantic and romantic idea… and as pretty as it seems, I don't think that this will end well for Desmond.

Now, how much does Eloise know? And how much of their reality are Eloise's wishes for Daniel (remember, she always wanted him to pursue music)? Well, she knows something. Probably more than anyone else. But what, exactly is that and how does she know?

It also appears that a good chunk of alternate timeline Desmond came through when he was done getting zapped. He was far more cooperative with Widmore, like alt-Hume. And he went with Sayid awfully easily as well. Something has probably snapped loose inside of Desmond, methinks.

So… what did you guys think?