EPISODE REVIEW: Green Lantern - The Animated Series: "Into the Abyss" (Episode 4)

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Hi, I’m new here to Republibot and I’ll be reviewing Green Lantern The Animated Series since there haven’t been any reviews for the episodes after R3’s review for episode 3.

Just to recap, GL: TAS has Green Lanterns Hal Jordon: a big and ridiculously buff, top heavy guy and Kilowag: a huge, red eyed alien who looks like a pink pig-man alien that is also ridiculously top heavy. They secretly took a new interceptor, which housed the sentient AI Aya (who’s mostly represented as a ball suspended from the ceiling of the interceptor or a disembodied female voice) as its navigation computer, and used its ultra-warp drive to head to the frontier of the galaxy. There they met the Red Lantern Corps of rage, battled them, lost, had their Ultra-warp drive severely damaged and now are in a Star Trek Voyager/Macross situation where they have to slowly return to Oa while stopping the Red Lantern’s Nefarious schemes. They also captured and recruited Red Lantern Razer, yet another top heavy guy whose a human looking, literally white alien with creepy looking lines running down his face from below his eyes(whether they’re part of his skin or make up I don’t know).

So this is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Aya gets a robot body! I found the episode quite exciting due to the fact that it was the first time in the series we saw the Lanterns just save someone with no real villain whatsoever and it had a bit of character development from Kilowog, Aya and Razer.

Play by play

The episode starts of a bit comically as Kilowog and Razer eat. Kilowog of course eats like a pig, munching a bunch of alien worms directly from the plate and messing himself while Razer eats the more civilised way and comments on this and the two fight until Hal comes in and breaks them up. Right after that they receive a distress signal about a cargo ship trapped in a “Pinhole”. Razer explains that a pinhole is kind of like a mini Black Hole. All you need to know is that it acts like a typical sci-fi black hole. Anyway, after the team decides it’s not a trap, they head to the ship faster than you can say “in brightest day” and start trying to pull it out before it’s too late. The three lanterns decide to risk their lives for one man despite Aya’s protest and they try to attach grappling hooks from the trapped ship to their ship. They then enter to meet the Captain of the ship, a kind old alien named Goray and learn that he’s carrying the eggs of the last of a rare species from an extinct planet. Despite everyone, even Goray, insisting that they just forget about the ship (which has an offline starboard engine), Hal decides its hero time, takes Goray back to their ship while telling the other two to get the engine back online and ignores Aya’s intelligent advice.

Of course things go from bad to worse as the interceptor’s power goes down, the grappling wires detach which knocks Goray out and no one can contact Aya. Goray’s ship makes for the Pinhole and compresses but despite this Hal still wants to save the eggs. Kilowag tries to slow the fall by attaching the grappling hooks to himself and creating a giant jetpack while Razer and Hal meet some Spider creatures, which may be hatchlings, who eat the power cables and Hal’s blasts don’t affect them. Hal and Razer try to beat the creatures and block off their path until Hal finds out that they’re Aya who’s decided to take matters into her own hands to start the engine. What happens next is Razer saves Kilowog and Hal plans some crazy manoeuvre where he “rides” the Pinhole’s “waves” to escape it.

The day is saved, the hatched species will be sent to their destination (how? We don’t know) and we’re back at where we began as Razer and Kilowg eat but this time complement each other on their bravery. While Aya tells Hal that she disobeyed orders because she’s a Green Lantern; which means saving people no matter what. Kilowog tells her that a Green Lantern needs a body but of course Aya was already prepared and we learn why the spiders all had different shapes: she assembles them into a robot body…and it’s a babe!


As I said there are no villains this episode and since it does deal with a random element I suspect it might be a standalone (even though the last of a species should be a big deal! But they look so small and unimportant.). The episode takes place in space and dark spaceships which does make the animation a little (emphasis on LITTLE) easier on the eyes and the pinhole does look pretty neat. I was actually surprised that I at first thought the little spider creatures were actually the hatchlings due to the darkness but when they started looking more mechanical as they were heading up the ship it was obvious they were synthetic (and another thing I don’t get is why Hal’s blast were ineffective against them, the parts weren’t made out of green energy). Some cool constructs get shown too from Kilowog who creates soft bubbles at one point to break the teams fall as the ship makes for the pinhole and the Giant Jetpack that looks like two retro-rockets connected together.

There is a nice moment in the beginning where Aya doesn’t understand why the group sacrifices their lives for just one man contrasting how she risked her own existence to save the group last episode. This would have paid of better in her eventual development this episode as she learns that sometimes the needs of one sometimes outweighs the needs of the many if not for the fact that they were saving the last of a species. Kilowog and Razer get some decent development as they start off hating each other, with Kilowog in particular being so distrusting of Razer; he even fights him just because a container nearly hit him. As the story moves along they slowly discover they need each other. The choice of having the episode start and end at the same place while Kilowog and Razer eat emphasised the changes in some of the characters. Hal though, gets no development, he is obviously the leader and father of the team but he comes off as reckless in this episode especially when he doesn’t listen to Aya’s simple advice which would have made things much easier. Hopefully the show will build on this or the team may get into trouble due to his recklessness. Aya turning into a Green skinned space babe is obviously for fan service though she looks like Razor’s wife (without the creepy lines) so maybe there’ll be some relationship between them. Also we really don’t know what Goray’s plan with the creatures is; he looks like a nice man but for all we know he could be transporting someone’s lunch.

Will conservatives like it?

Well there is little reason not to, it’s heroic episode filled with heroes acting heroically. Well I guess Hal and Kilowog leave no-man behind and especially Hal’s recklessness will come off as un-disciplined and un-military.