EPISODE REVIEW: G.I. JOE Renegades: "Busted" (Season 1 Episode 10)

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Their hi-tech stolen ride dead at the side of the road, the Joes go hunting for replacement parts.  This leads them to a rather (ahem) disreputable dealer in parts who has the extreme bad fortune of being busted while the Joes are negotiating their deal.  Although Snake Eyes manages to ninja most of the team out of the situation, Duke is busted.

Scarlett tries to finesse Duke out of jail, but he gets transferred to county lockup, where the Warden (in county jail?) is arranging cage fights for internet gambling (oh, THAT phrase is going to bring the Google traffic...).   Naturally Duke wants to put it to a stop .  

Flint and Lady J find Duke by the fingerprints that have been submitted into the system.  They arrive in force, and find that the thoroughly corrupt prison is more than willing to return fire.  In the dustup, there's a brief face to face between the renegades and Flint, and then, predictably, the Joes escape in their newly repaired and slightly upgraded Cobra truck.


I hated it.

The good parts (the characterization and voice acting) are completely wiped by the A-Team rip off premise and the eye-scaldingly ugly character design.  You know, I was under the impression that Lady J and Scarlett were supposed to be, oh, at least mildly attractive.   And that Duke was supposed to look like a competent soldier, not a stupid surfer.  All the facial features in this show are pinched into the center of their heads.  I think I understand now:  This is G.I. Joe done as a tribute to Stephen J. Cannell as executed by Bill Plympton.  

The plot was a paper cut above older Joe incarnations, but it was nearly embarrassing to have Mr. T... I mean Roadblock... working on the van again.  I mean,  we know that Roadblock is Mr. T (in a shudderingly awful moment of 'duh'), Tunnel Rat is Murdoch, Scarlett is Face... but if that means that the generally planless Duke is Hannibal?   



Will Conservatives like this Episode?

Nope.  The whole 'army unit on the run for being wrongfully convicted' shtick, although it appeals to the rugged individualist romantic notions that beat in every red-blooded conservative's chest, also implies that the military is inherently corrupt or sadly stupid.  

That, and we like our women attractive.  I always thought that Lady J should look like Janine Turner, not Helen Thomas.