EPISODE REVIEW: GI Joe Renegades: “Rage” (Season 1, episode 8)

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Short review tonight because I’ve got the flue or pleurisy or demonic possession or something awful going on and every part of my body aches. Also: I shiver. A lot.


After yet another narrow get away, the Joes decide to hit a thrift shop and buy some duds to be a bit less conspicuous. While there, a guy named Steeler flies into a rage and tries to kill a local priest. It’s a Chicago thing, I guess. Duke contains the situation, and they take Steeler to a doctor, who reveals there have been a number of similarly-afflicted vets: Rage, followed by coma.

Duke decides to try and figure out what’s going on, and Tunnel Rat gets irritated and leaves. He finds the same preacher who got attacked by Steeler.

Preacher: “Cold, isn’t it?”
Tunnel Rat: “What, did you win some kind of genius grant?”
Preacher: “heh heh. My mission does a lot of work with veterans. You are a vet, aren’t you?”
Tunnel Rat: “I don’t need help with nuthin’”
Preacher: “I’ve got hot coffee.”
Tunnel Rat: “Coffee I can do, but don’t try to convert me.”
Preacher: “I can’t change what you are, man.”

Tunnel Rat blacks out and wakes up wired into an iron-man suit, whereupon he wails on another guy in an iron man suit. The sonic control signal overloads their brains after a short time, however, so they ditch him in the alley. Roadblock finds him, and takes him to Doc. The team meets up, and Roadblock gets lured into Preacher Scrap Iron’s gingerbread house. Concerned that he’s missing, Scarlet and Duke decide to try and track down the Cobra base that Scarlet thinks is behind all this. We get some fake tension between them, but eventually they do, and get wailed on by Iron Man Roadblock.

Meanwhile, Roadblock’s terrible, terrible music brings Tunnel Rat out of his coma, and he rushes to save the lives of his teammates, which, of course, he does.

Scarlet notes that they’ve made some powerful new enemies, but they’ve made some minor new allies as well.


Though “Mr. McCullen” has been name-checked several times in the series, this is the first appearance of Destro. Folks that know him only from the ‘80s cartoon will probably remember him as a Darth Vader impersonator, but in fact he’s always been a Scottish Lord (“Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV”) His family company, M.A.R.S. industries, have been weapon smiths since the middle ages. He sounds a bit more Irish than Scottish to me here, but, eh, at least they’re trying. Clancy “Mister Krabs” Brown does the voice.

There’s an interesting relationship between him and the Baroness in this episode: In all previous versions, they’re a couple, and indeed she seems quite interested in him here. He completely blows her off. Is it a lack of interest? Or is it that in this timeline she’s maintaining the farce of being married to Adam deCobray, the head of Cobra industries?

While discussing romantic entanglements, the Duke/Scarlet/Snake Eyes triangle has yet to get going, though Jinx mentioned a while ago that Scarlet was just another in a long line of groupies. (Jealous!) and tonight Tunnel Rat refer to her as “your lady” when talking to Snake Eyes.

“Don’t try to convert me.” Because, you see, as we established two episodes ago, Tunnel Rat is Jewish.

“Steeler” is another one of the classic Joes resurrected for this series. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steeler_(G.I._Joe) I really like the way they’re doing this. I’m also pretty sure the doctor they were talking to tonight is “Doc” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doc_(G.I._Joe) though in this version he’s Jamaican and not from Massachusetts like he normally is. The preacher is Scrap Iron, of course http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrap-Iron

I’m sorry. That’s all I’ve got tonight, kids, my head is spinning, and my nose is running, and I feel like I’m gonna’ keel over.


I see no reason not to. Some people might take umbrage at Scrap Iron pretending to be a priest, but, eh.