EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Waste Land” (Season 2, Episode 2)

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This is my fourth review tonight. My hands are killing me. Let’s keep this short:


An evo sinks a nuclear powered ship. Six and Rex are sent in to recover the fuel rods so they don’t do any damage. They end up going to “Trash Island,” which, we’re told, is about 537,162 square miles, and was created when nanites were swept together by ocean currents, or perhaps nanites caused ocean currents to sweep garbage together. It doesn’t make much sense.

Six and Rex discover an underwater wonder world within Trash Island, which is unexpectedly hollow. It’s a city built of mutant coral. They get into a fight with various aquatic evos let by a Mer-evo named “Serge.” (“Surge? Like ‘storm surge?’ That’s so cool!” “No, Serge. It’s short for Sergio.”) Serge is an enviornmentalist Evo, who’s been using his powers to clean up the ocean, but is pretty P.O. ed by surface dwellers, and he sank the ship, evidently thinking it was an oil drilling thing. He didn’t realize how dangerous the reactor was, or, indeed, that there was a reactor.

Things go from bad to worse as the wreckage of the ship falls into an abyss, so Rex goes down to save the day, and Serge goes down to save him. In the end, Six agrees to keep the existence of the place secret.

The End.


Maybe there’s something wrong with me, I dunno, but I’m not really feeling this one either. I generally enjoy Rex more than Ben 10, but tonight, meh. Was it because it was a sub-par episode (“Sub” - see what I did there?), or is it because something’s wrong with me? Like maybe I’m depressed or something. Hm. I *have* been fighting with my mom a lot lately….But, no, I think the problem is that this show has backed away from the emotional underpinnings of the first six or seven episodes. In the absence of any real emotional connection with the characters or situation, there’s simply not that much to keep me occupied. Also, let’s face it, five cartoons in a row, I’m pretty zonked by the time this one rolls around.

In any event, it was nice to see an Evo who isn’t evil. Also nice to see Rex acting as a mediator. I like the idea of a city built out of trained coral. Fish Dude engineering seacratures to eat trash and convert it to useful stuff was neat.

There’s an environmental aspect to tonights episode that is saved from preachy only by being rather incoherent. It goes without saying that Nuclear Reactors don’t work the way they’re depicted here, nor are they as huge an environmental problem as they’re assumed to be here, but to their credit they did point out that reactors aren’t bombs, and don’t explode.

Rex’s nanites protect him from poison.

Rex has been with providence for 18 months, starting with the day Six found him.


No, but only due to the “Go Green” stuff, and then only barely.

Ok, that’s it, my hands are dead. I’m done. Goo’al’as’d0a9023camw;aeomca;cmke;a’sdalkj[kcm