EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Robobobo” (Season 2, Episode 5)

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Sorry to be so terse, but my hands are killing me here: Bobo is acting nice, which is weird. Rex pries into it, and concludes that Bobo must be an imposter. They get into a fight and Rex knocks off Bobo’s head. Fortunately, he was right about that whole “Imposter” thing. Turns out Bobo sneaks away every now and again to visit sick kids in a hospital (Really) and leaves a robot in his place. Rex attempts to cover for him, but reprograms Robobobo to act more like the original, which results in him going crazy-eight bonkers and trying to destroy everything because “Bad is good.” The real Bobo shows up, and saves the day.

The End


A straight-ahead comedic episode, and I admit I laughed pretty hard when Bobo’s head came off. The obvious sight gag of Holiday coming in seeing Rex talking ot the monkey’s butt was funny, too. A lot of good Terminator and Blade Runner gags as well. I think the reveal about Bobo working with sick kids probably would have worked out better if Holiday hadn’t spoiled it up front.

Music, as ever, terrible in this ep.


Sure, why not?

And that’s it. I’m done. It feels like I’m forgetting something, though…Ah well. It’ll come to me.