EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Lost Weekend” (Season 2, Episode 3)

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….and the creepy is back, baby! Yeah! Or, you know, ‘no,’ depending on how you feel about that sort of thing, as the case may be, I guess. Anyway: after like half a season of non-disturbing looking monsters, the deformed disturbing ones are back in droves. Not an episode for the younger kiddies. If they’re impressionable, they’ll have nightmares.


Rex gets word of an underground party in the desert, and he’s trying to sneak away to it when White Knight actually *orders* him to go to the party as an undercover operative. He’s given Kenwyn Jones (Cf: Basic) as a partner, and of course they don’t get along. He’s Rex, and she’s this prissy, humorless Felix Unger type. They’re the original odd couple!

While hilarity and drama largely fail to occur around those two, we follow the party around for a while: in essence it’s a whole lot of Evos using their evo powers as acts for gawking 20-somethings. Squid (Cf: Rabble) was the guy who told Rex about the party in the first place.

Of course all is not as it appears: Something is causing the Evos to go crazy, and both Rex and Kenwyn handle it wrong, but her more than him. Ultimately it turns out that an evo in the cast isn’t really an Evo, and this is all part of an elaborate plan to prove that Evos and Humans can’t live or work together, which was cooked up and executed by an evo and a human. And thwarted by an evo and a human. Yeah, they point that out in the show, too.


So in the end, Kenwyn and Rex each learn the other knows some useful stuff, everyone learns an important lesson about life, and, uhm…yeah, I got nothin‘.

The End.


Kenwyn: “You just blew our cover!”
Rex: “Or: we came here with a talking monkey, I’m kind of a world-wide celebrity, and look at the way you’re dressed!”

In fact, if they’re trying to keep a low profile, they probably shouldn’t have spent the first half of the episode shouting at each other and discussion mission information VERY LOUDLY in a non-secured location.

Six and Holiday are not in this episode at all.

Rex says he’s never seen Squid smile in as long as he’s known him. How long has he known him? I mean, we’ve established that Rex’s memories only go back 18 months. He knew Squid prior to that, but of course Rex doesn’t remember it. Have they been in contact since “Rabble?” If so, has Squid filled Rex in on their shared past? And if not, why not?

Uhm….why didn’t Rex heal the evos at the party? I know some are incurable, but I’d imagine the human beatbox and the amazing large intestine man would probably like to be normal again, or at least have Rex take a stab at it.

I like these standalone episodes that don’t involve Van Kleis or the other stock villains from the show. Well, actually, I don’t mind the other stock villains either. I just kinda’ don’t like Van Kleis, I guess.

There’s a whispy-thin “Segregation” allegory going on here, but it seems almost an afterthought.

I dunno, kids, I feel my interest in this show waning. When Ben 10 is suddenly better than this show, I dunno. Not sure how much longer I can hold out, and as I’ve said frequently over in the Ben 10 reviews, I’m pretty darn burned out on that show.

Anyone got any thoughts? Sound off below!


I see no reason not to.