EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Divide by Six” (Season 2, Episode 6)

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Rex sneaks out to play video games and eat burgers…illegally. He ends up running afoul of four freaky people in town: A fat mountain of a Cajun, a punk rock chick with a guitar (That she never plays or hits people with), a severely injured one-eyed man wrapped up like a mummy, and Ricardo Montalban. They beat up Rex and incapacitate him. Then Six appears, but it turns out he’s with the freakshow this time out.

Turns out Six is called that because he’s the sixth-deadliest person on the planet. The other four are all more deadly than he. Their teacher - “One” - went Evo five years back, and Six wants Rex to cure the guy.

“You could have just asked, you know, you didn’t need to fight me.”

After some travails and posturing, they make their way to One’s home, suspended in a volcano on the theory that if he goes too far gone, he won’t be able to enter a password every 40-something minutes (A nod to “Lost”) and the house will fall into the lava, killing him. Rex finds the guy to be incurable - sorry, buddy - and two through four decide to kill their master. Six fights them, and One - effectively an animal - escapes. Rex calls for emergency backup, but they don’t make it in time.

As One lies dying, Rex tries really hard to save him. One somehow manages to possess Rex briefly, and use him to say goodbye to his favorite student (Six) and tell him how proud of him he is. In a genuinely moving scene, Six takes his glasses off for the first time ever, and we can see his eyes. Then, inexplicably, One disintegrates and the Genesis Wave hit’s the island and the whole place comes back to life.

“It’s ok,” Six says, “He’s still one, he’s just one with everything now.”

The End


*FINALLY* we get some backstory on Six! *FINALLY!*

He - and the other numbers - were mercenaries. The other still are. They don’t get along very well with each other, and they all seem to dislike Six for leaving the life and abandoning their master. Six was apparently a homeless kid, somehow found, taken in, cared for, and raised by One. He is, by the way, Asian. This has been suspected, but never referenced before.

One must have been fairly old, given that Six was his last pupil, and Two was clearly getting on in years.

The names were pretty clever:
Duos is Ricardo Montalban
Trey is the Cajun
Ivey is the punker girl (“It’s like a roman four” “I’m not stupid, you know!”)

Duos: “I don’t think Ivey’s gotten over Barcelona yet.”
Mummy guy: “I haven’t gotten over Barcelona yet. [Holds up hand] I mean, it’s not like I can just run down to the pinkey hut and get a new finger, is it?”

Once upon a time, Six wanted to be the deadliest man on earth, and he was well on his way to doing it, but when he met Rex his priorities changed.


The “One with everything” line comes out of nowhere, and will annoy some social conservatives, and Cajun Trey sort of perpetuates the stereotype that all Catholics are stupid, violent, and kind of mean, so conservative Catholics might take umbrage at that. (Conversely, not that it’s ever come up, but Rex is almost certainly Catholic) I’m a protestant myself.

Apart from those quibbles, nah, there’s nothing in there anyone wouldn’t like.