EPISODE REVIEW: Generator Rex: “Alliance” (Season 2, Episode 4)

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Actually the best episode in quite a while


Rex is fixing the force field that keeps “The Bug Jar” (Kiev) bottled up. Longtime viewers will recall that Kiev is full of the worst of all possible EVOs, and ruled by a Gollum-wannabe called “Noface.” While working of the field, Rex discovers…sigh…Van Kleis.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I can hear your eye-rolls from here. I’m the same way. In fact my exact thought was “Wow, this is probably what the Original Galactica would have been like if the Cylons sucked in every way imaginable, or possibly if you removed the Klingons from every episode of Trek ever, and replaced them with morbidly obese circus clowns.” And I’d like to tell you that van Kleis’ reign of crapulence was coming to an end, or at least a middle, but it ain’t. The brief flicker of “we know what we’ve been doing wrong with this character” that we got in the season 1 finale is completely gone already. *BUT* it was at least kinda’ interesting this time out, since His Royal Blandness isn’t in much of the episode.

Basically v.K. has come to the former Soviet Republic of Bugtopia to forge an alliance with Noface, and he refuses to let The Pack come in and hang out while he’s negotiating. Biowulf catches Rex while the negotiations are going on, and Rex - cleverly - manages to spin this to his advantage, suggesting that the boss is looking for a new henchman since he’s displeased with Wolf’s truly appalling failure rate.

He gets away, kidnapping Circe in the meantime, and they get into yet another will-they-or-won’t-they argument/battle. Circe states in no uncertain terms that she won’t leave the pack, and that since Rex got his powers back, Van Kleis *needs* him alive for some reason. “He won’t let you die.” Rex tries to figure out how to play this, and she knocks him out.

Noface, meanwhile, hates Rex, and agrees to be V.K’s new number two *IF* V.K. can deliver Rex, coincidentally just as Circe actually does deliver him. Overjoyed, Noface proceeds to beat Rex half to death. Circe says “You told me you needed him alive” to her boss, who replies, “Yes, alive: Breathing, heart pumping, but his brain? The sooner we get rid of that, the better.” Circe is appalled.

Fortunately things go south rather quickly when VK tries to take Rex’s not-quite-yet-a-corpse, resulting in a smack down between him and Noface. Rex and Circe escape in the confusion, just as the force field fails. The killer Evos escape, but Circe lures them back with her siren song just as Rex gets the shield up again.
Now fully aware of how bad VK is, Circe realizes she can’t go back to him, but she won’t go to providence. Rex suggests that Hong Kong is nice

The End.


This was actually a lot of fun. Rex’s overdramatic self-narration was generally funny a few times (“Given the choice between saving the world and his friends our hero chooses the stupid option”) and you get a better sense of what Rex is capable of when he doesn’t have Six or Holliday holding his coat.

Bobo is actually a decent sidekick here for the first time ever, and not entirely useless. His increasing frustration was a good running gag.

Noah and Six don’t appear at all.

Rex mentions he's got a date coming up on Friday. Really, or was he just talking smack?

Noface’s lair, with the huge, toppled statue in it was pretty cool, and I like how one whole scene was filmed in the reflection of some water.

Biowulf actually *helping* Rex and Circe escape was a nice touch, as was his “I was never here” explanation. I liked that Rex’s off-the-cuff accusations about VK looking for a new major domo turned out to be entirely true.

I am sooooooo amazingly grateful that they finally moved the stupid Circe arc along. The whole “My duty to the pack/my love for Rex” thing was tired ten minutes before it ever even showed up for the first time, so getting rid of it causes me no tears. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with her now that she’s not directly tied to the show’s incorrigibly dull primary antagonist.

And that’s about it. Not a lot of nuance or subtext here, but it was a good episode, and one that I liked all the way through.


I feel like there should be a joke in here about how this episode takes place in Kiev, and hence, from a conservative point of view….but I can’t nail that one home. I’m sorry. It’s been a grueling week. Suffice to say there’s nothing here to offend a conservative, nor to enamor them terribly much.