EPISODE REVIEW: Futurama: “That Darn Katz” (Season 6, Episode 8)

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I know a lot of people disagree with me, but I really like the “Nibbler” episodes. I like the juxtaposition of cute with ominous that runs through them, and while I’m not a paranoid myself, I just love the idea of huge, massive threats just below the surface of mundane life that everyone is too stupid to notice, or remember. No giant brains this time out, however, just some kitties.

I hate kitties.


Amy has been a grad student working for the professor for 13 years, and is just about ready for her dissertation. She flies to Mars to give it - in her underwear, because of course this is drunk, slutty Amy we’re talking about here - but she’s turned down by an irritating professor named “Katz.” Katz keeps a cat in his lap all the time. When Amy et al head back to earth, Katz’ cat stows away on the delivery ship, and quickly enraptures the entire cast with its cuteness, excepting Nibbler (Who’s mostly immune since he’s cute himself) and Amy (Who’s allergic).

It quickly becomes apparent that Katz’ cat is up to something nefarious, and he’s brought in other cats to help. Everyone - even Bender - have huge pupils and wander around in a hypnotized fog, doing the cats’ bidding. Turns out all cats are aliens. Their home planet became tidally locked, so in order to fix it they came to earth to steal our rotational velocity, and get their homeworld spinning again. They came to planet blue blue shiny (“Earth,“ in our language), landed in ancient Egypt, built the pyramids*, were worshiped as gods, and ultimately decided they liked the whole ‘worship’ thing quite a bit, so they kind of ignored their mission and mostly just got fat and stupid.

Amy and Nibbler head to Mars to confront Katz, who turns out to have been a puppet for the cat on his lap. Thus Katz’ cat is Katz! Cripes, it’s annoying to talk like this. Anyway, Katz realized he could steal Amy’s theory to stop the earth spinning and started their own again. Everyone will die unless the earth starts spinning again, the sunny side broiling, the dark side freezing.

Amy figures out how to get the earth spinning again, which of course once again tidally locks the cat planet, but unfortunately the world is now rotating backwards.

The End


Nibbler’s got some serious denial going on with the whole cute thing.

I must’ve missed the episode where Nibbler finally outed himself as sapient, and *didn’t* wipe everyone’s mind afterwards like usual.

Rarer than hens teeth: an Amy episode, yet we‘ve had one and a half this year. Even rarer still: an Amy episode that doesn’t suck!

Kif really seems to have loosened up, or maybe it’s just the booze. It would appear he and Amy aren’t living together since she dumped him, but they are back together.

I’m getting a little tired of the “Are Fry and Leela a couple or not” thing. It seems the writers change their minds about that every episode. It’s getting a bit old. Just pick one and go with it, ok guys?

So what would the world be like if it rotated backwards? Actually, it’d be substantially different. This page gives an indication of what it might be like, though it’s not an exact comparison. Just turn the maps over on this site, and you’ll probably be pretty close http://www.worlddreambank.org/T/TURNOVIA.HTM (WARNING: This particular page is safe, but there’s some racy stuff on that site)

I feel a little cheap by not having more observations for you this week, but there really isn’t all that much to talk about. It was a funny episode, well told and well directed and well drawn. It was a little bit derivative of the one where “Robot Party Week” was introduced, but different enough that I didn’t mind that at all. Unfortunately for me as a reviewer, though, there wasn’t a lot of subtext or hidden gags in this one. What you see is all that you get. Fortunately, what you see is pretty good this time out.


Actually, I think yes. Aside from Amy being typically lecherous in one brief scene, there’s nothing offensive, liberal, or off-color here, and it’s pretty funny to boot.

*- If I were an Egyptian, I’d be super-pissed that *NO ONE* thinks my ancestors were smart enough to pile rocks on top of each other without alien help. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the whole “Ancient Astronauts” think is inherently racist?