Episode Review: FlashForward:"Let No Man Put Asunder"(Season 1, Episode 16)

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Ah, Spring! When young men's fancy turns to thoughts of… well, in my house, it's climbing trees, playing football and collecting immense amounts of dirt to track through the house. Boy-bots will be boy-bots...

But it does allow me to actually watch FlashForward on the big TV this week. The logline says:"Demetri decides to rush his wedding plans with Zoey after the captured FBI mole confirms his death date;Wedek helps Aaron infiltrate Jericho in order to rescue Tracy; Olivia's friendship with Lloyd grows stronger.


Two years ago- Benford is talking to a new class of FBI special agents- among them, Demetri, Janis, Marcy and Gough. They are young and full of enthusiasm… how things change.

Mark is grilling Marcy for details on her moledom, Wedek pulls them off to try and find Frost, and Demetri tells them that Mark's gun, the gun that's supposed to kill him in three days, has just been used in a murder. Dem and Mark start to investigate and find out that Marcy took Mark's gun from evidence.

Charlie and Dylan set up Lloyd and Olivia on a playdate. A playground injury draws them closer together (oh, Geez.)

Wedek visits the Vice President, who wants him to look into Jericho's CEO. Her FlashForward (if you recall) had her as President due to something that Jericho had done-- she wants to know what.

Wedek asks Mark if he can talk to Aaron about Jericho. Mark says it's okay, and then he and Demetri run off; they found the guy who currently has Mark's gun. After a tense hostage situation, Demetri talks the nutjob down. Only to find that the nutjob didn't have Mark's gun.

Mark urges Demetri to get away, to get Zoey and run away, discretion being the better part of valor and all.

Two years ago: Demetri meets Zoey, in court. Not the best way to meet your future spouse. Back in the present, Demetri asks Zoey to run away and marry him immediately. She accepts.

Olivia goes to visit Lloyd ostensibly to say 'Thank you' for helping Charlie with aforementioned playground injury. Lloyd calls Olivia out on this- she's really there to …. make out with Lloyd after being all angsty.

Wedek finds Aaron and asks him to go to Afghanistan to get the dirt on Jericho. He equips him with sat phone, transportation, cover story and weapons o' plenty. Aaron is on his way.

While preparing for his wedding, Demetri is decked by Frost and kidnapped. After shoving Dem in the trunk, Frost goes to talk to Charlie at a school carnival. D. Gibbons is a bad man.


This episode seemed to be about the little decisions that 'line up' (to use Demetri's phrase). If Dem, Gough, Marcy and Janis hadn't met the way they had, if Demetri hadn't traded partners with Gough, Demetri would not have met Zoey. And there'd be two fewer moles in the FBI.

Mark encourages Demetri to do what he himself would not do- Run away. Sometimes there is wisdom in retreat… though Janis' reproductive revelation may have an impact, if Demetri survives next week's episode.

This episode was good. The performances were much better than they usually are; for the first time I LIKED Fiennes as Mark. Cho is always good as Demetri, but this episode gave him a bit more to chew on and Olivia was mostly believable as a woman giving in to destiny.

And it looked pretty good on the big TV.

What did you, oh great and mighty comment crew, think of this outing?