Episode Review: Flashforward:"Blowback" (Season 1, Episode 13)

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This show is flashing to the bottom of the ratings, and to it's inevitable demise.  Unfortunately, it's suddenly turned interesting.   Tonight: Aaron becomes the dark knight, Zoey becomes a screaming harpy and Mark gets another name for his corkboard.  


Spoilers, ho!



Play by Play


15 years ago- Aaron is in prison, being visited by Tracy.   We're not sure what he did, but he ends up blowing parole by beating up a guard.  


Back in the present, Demetri and Zoey are talking about her flashforward, and that she figured out that she was at Dem's funeral.  He seems unconcerned, as he's having the murder weapon destroyed.


Zoey visits Mark to figure out why Mark would kill Demetri.  Mark makes an 'outlandish' accusation, and Zoey tells him to go to hell.  


He's already there, babe.  He's already there.


Aaron and Tracy talk a bit over Elvis Presley Specials (Peanut Butter and 'naner sandwiches, fried).  She was told to bring Aaron back to Afghanistan.    At the worksite, Aaron tells Tracy's friend, MIke,  that she's alive.  


Zoey presents Wedek with Freedom of Information Act papers… she's gonna hunt through the Mosaic files until she figures out how Demetri dies and stops it.  This annoys Demetri, as she's being a real class "A"…. personality.


Mark questions Lloyd further about their mutual flashforward.  Lloyd remembers getting part of the formula for 'the QED' on his cell and writing it on the mirror in lipstick.  This reaaaaallly irritates Mark.  Lloyd apologizes again for future-banging Olivia.  Mark looks pinched.  Nobody looks pinched like Joseph Fiennes.


At Aaron's house, Tracy is gassed and kidnapped by guys in bunny suits (of the environmental variety, not the Harvey variety).  Mike had turned her in to Jericho (the paramilitary outfit she's hiding from).   Aaron starts to explain to Mike that while in prison, he became a "capable" man.  Fortunately, we don't have to wait long to find out what he means…. Mike seemed nervous, though.  Aaron beats the holy crap out of Mike,  'interrogating' him for the location of Tracy.


D. Gibbons is Dyson Frost, we learn as we dig deeper into Lloyd's vision.


Aaron goes after the head of Jericho… he's a bit scary when he wants to be, but he should learn something from Batman.  It's much easier to be intimidating when it's not broad daylight.


Oh, Blonde Terrorista makes an appearance… Zoey thinks she can help with Demetri's murder-to-be investigation, so Z. decides to represent her with her super-lawyer powers.  


Vogel (CIA dude) tells Mark he's not going to Somalia, because he's too valuable to Mosaic,  Demetri and Janis are headed there, with Simon. 


Aaron hangs Mike upside down on the Jericho head's deck…. still alive, oddly enough.  So Aaron DID learn something from Batman.  He's headed to Kandahar, where Tracy has been taken.


Demetri and Zoey head for the FBI evidence locker to destroy Mark's gun, the murder-to-be weapon… and it's missing.




Suddenly, the show has shifted into high gear.  I'm not quite sure at this point why, but the show is suddenly clicking.  Republibot 36-24-36, who really doesn't like the show, even thought it was pretty good.  The pacing has improved considerably.


Mark has made some significant inroads in his investigation, pressing Lloyd is proving fairly fruitful.


Plot points went so fast that I didn't even cover Janis' trip to the fertility clinic… but she's working on having the baby solo.  There was a pretty cool scene between her and Demetri about their prospective futures.


I REALLY don't like Zoey in this episode,  to the credit of Gabrielle Union.  She plays the character as bitchy, pushy, annoying… but all in the service of 'true love'.  The actress takes some real risks with the role, and they work.  I still don't care much for the character, though… but that's the point.


Tracy's kidnapping has made Aaron a very capable and frightening man.  He is relentless, intelligent, as brutal as Jack Bauer, and one half step ahead of his enemies.


One of the problems with Flashforward, and I've noted this before, is that it is the 'Anti-Lost'.  It bears some surface resemblance to Lost, but Flashforward is a show where most characters communicate what they know effectively and answers come nearly as fast as the questions.  As annoying as the "who knows what?" game is on Lost (along with it's companion:"The Ominous Lingering Question"), there is such a breathless pace and a dissemination of info that no suspense is built.  No question is left unanswered for very long… one of the longest running mysteries on the show:"Who is D. Gibbons, and what does he have to do with anything?" is on the verge of being blown open.  We already know his name.  Next week, we'll have his blood type.


That said, I really enjoyed this episode.   What did you guys think?  There's a comments section… use it!