EPISODE REVIEW: FlashForward: "The Gift" (Season 1, Episode 7)

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Demetri starts making contact with others who haven't had flashforwards through a website called www.AlreadyGhosts.com (You can click on it if you like… it just goes to ABC's official FlashForward website.) There seems to be a link between the AlreadyDead and the Blue Hand group. (Ha! I said 'link'!)

Gough's flashforward with River Song over the Rutherford Case starts to pay off…

More after we quantum jump.

Aaron is given reason to hope again through a pocketknife.

River Song (Fiona something? Played by the always pleasant Alex Kingston) is a MI-6 agent who flies in regarding one of the Blue Hand suicides from last week. The Already Ghosts group seems to be a rather odd support group. Fiona and Gough start working the 'Rutherford Case' that they flashforwarded about. In his flashforward, Gough is talking to a lawyer about someone he killed.

Babysitter Gal Nicole speaks Japanese. Who knew? Dr. Bryce, with her help, starts to make sense of his flashforward.

Mark, Demetri and Gough set out to infiltrate the Blue Hand Group. A quick game of Russian Roulette, a leap of faith and Bang! They're in. It's an odd club, seeming to offer kill-thrills. They find Reynaud, a man whose hands are painted blue, symbolizing a portal (so they say…). They stop this Reynaud from offing himself and bust all the budding death-cultists.

Dr. Reynaud is a rotating pseudonym for the head abyss gazer du jour. With all the suicide, it's a position that has frequent openings...

Demetri tells Zoey of his lack of a flashforward, finally coming clean with her. Zoey refuses to believe his interpretation of what he didn't see- she says she KNOWS that Demetri was with her on the beach.

Gough is torn up about what he believes he is going to do; apparently kill a mother of two by accident. So he visits a nearby tower, and climbing to the top, will throw himself off.

And in doing so, he changed the game.

He died to save the life of the woman whose death he would cause, in hope that his suicide would avert that death….

We'll see.

And Aaron's daughter is in his dining room. What exactly does THAT mean?

Observations and maybe a couple of questions

First, a couple of notes. If you are going to embed a website as a plot point, PLEASE put something at least mildly interesting on that site. GEEZ, talk about wasted opportunity.

Second, Blue Hands and Reynaud -- there is a circulatory disorder called Reynaud's syndrome that causes one's hands to turn blue. I'm not sure of any philosophical musings regarding circulatory issues, but this does continue this show's utilization of disorders that cause skin color changes.

In light of Gough's sacrifice, everything that we've seen in a flashforward is now suspect. River Song's is now completely invalid (she's also taking steps to avoid aviacide). Demetri now has hope of survival, and Mark and Olivia's marriage may well survive.

There's now an interesting (and new) idea of what has happened. The Flashforwards are only an indication of the future state of things given the current state (taking into account actions taken based on the flashforwards themselves.)
So, it's 'Schrodinger's cat' with a feedback loop. (Or an interpretation thereof…)

But what do I know?

So -- what exactly has happened here?
Is Celia really safe?
What is and isn't subject to change? And how much change is enough?

I'm entertaining thoughts...