EPISODE REVIEW: The Event : "Loyalty" (Season 1, Episode 6)

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Tonight, we get some subtle world building and an imploding building. What more can you ask from primetime NBC?

Oh, maybe a semi allegorical drama about the relationship between King David and King Saul. (NO. I'm not bitter... not at all)

Sorry. This is about The Event. What Event that is, I'm still not sure..... but let's see if we can figure that out.

All this and Ice Pirates too! It's Amazing!


Sophia's escape proceeds apace. Lee informs Thomas and Sophia that a radioactive isotope has been added to her food for tracking purposes (Sophia, not her food). Lee comes up with a plan to give the government more targets than they can track (Watch the creamer at your local Stabucks, guys…) and Sophia escapes with a half-caff latte.

In 1954, Agent Lee is on the beach with a young lady. He believes that he is free of his obligations to his people, but noooo. Thomas shows up on the beach to remind him that he faces the Highlander issue- he's in love with a mortal while he's not aging (Everybody sing: Who wants… to live… forEVER…… )

Sean Walker plays exposition boy and brings Leila up to date, including the deaths of her mom and the disappearance of her sister. Leila storms to the hotel room where Claire is interrogating a slowly exsanguinating Carter. Leila goes all monkey-poo on Carter, who, in spite of more sophisticated enhanced interrogation by an FBI agent, decides to bait an upset girl.

Sophia continues to escape, by walking, but it looks like Lee might've blown his cover in the effort. He knocks out Sterling's official who was sent to scan them all for possession of the isotope used (and misused) in the tracking attempt.

Sean wants Leila to go to a safe house, but she insists on going on his Fugitive run with him. (He does still have a murder rap to beat, after all). They steal Claire's vehicle and (predictably) zip off to her house. They toss the joint, trying to figure out her father's connection to Carter and company. They find some documents that seem to tie in to the Alaska detention area, when someone gets the jump on them. It's a wonderfully paranoid journalist who may know the truth, but she's so nuts it's not funny. She goes and spins a story about Leila's dad's accidental discovery of the detention center and it's occupants. Problem is, she's right… but so freakin' batty, she's got a credibility problem.

Lee tells Thomas that his cover has been blown and that he's on the run, again. Sophia has been found on traffic cams, and the government is closing in on her and Thomas' hiding place. Thomas tells Lee he has a contingency plan.

Lee arrives and tries to rejoin Thomas and Sophia, but the FBI strike force is right behind him. He finds them crawling into a fallout shelter as an earthquake starts to rumble around them. Thomas has started something he can't stop. Sophia and Thomas ask, order and then beg Lee to join them. He refuses. On his way out, he sees what is happening to the building. A portal, just like the one that transported the airplane has opened up underneath the building that they are in. The building implodes in a puff of CGI smoke, with Lee buried beneath it.


There was a surprising amount of world building (at least for this show) in this episode. They wisely kept the focus away from the boring President and on the characters who are actually interesting. First, we get a lot on Agent Lee. He fell in love in 1954, and had to leave her before people started noticing that he didn't age. They run into each other fifty or so years later, she recognizes him… and he finally gets to say goodbye. Are we ready for a reprise of the Queen soundtrack yet? Anyway, one thing he mentions to her is that where he comes from there isn't a lot of water.

So, my main prediction could still be valid: That they are time travelers. I'm now adding another prediction: They're Ice Pirates! They came to the 'here and now' (roughly) to steal our ice!

In another couple of bits, we find that Sophia speaks Chinese and that dogs don't like her. The first isn't that surprising- it indicates that an Earth landing was planned, or that the non-terrestrials have extraordinary language skills. The second looks like a handy device for detecting non-terrestrials in the future. A bit predictable, and hackneyed… but probably necessary as widespread DNA tests aren't very practical

The introduction of Crazy Journalist lady is a pretty cool development, as she catches Sean and Leila expositorially; but in such a way as to be completely unbelievable. This echoes Sean's own experience a couple of episodes back where everyone was convinced that he was a crazy murdererer, when he actually just knew a bit more than everyone else.

Leila is showing some backbone, though. She's had grit before, now she's really moving into overdrive.

Lee's attempted suicide (we know it's an attempt, as the scenes from the next episode show him in the hospital. These non-terrestrials are pretty tough to kill.)

Okay, I've figured it out. If the President is featured in an episode, it will be really dull and irritating. If not, it's not a bad series.

"I can't get into this", Republibot 36-24-36 says.
"Well, you haven't been paying attention", quoth I
"No. After LOST, I can't get into another series like this"

And that may be The Event's biggest problem- Heavy mythology/Arc fatigue. It's not a bad show, and it's more entertaining than FlashForward was at this stage of the game. But will that be enough?

Well, I'm still watching it in the living room, instead of being banished to the FlashForward closet. So far, so good?