EPISODE REVIEW: The Event: "I Know Who You Are" (Season 1, Episode 7)

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I'm hoping that this week is an anomaly. Not as far as the episode went- that was actually good.

I've been banished. For those of you who don't know, when my family gets annoyed with what I'm reviewing, they send me to the closet where I can watch the show on a 9 inch travel TV. Tonight, I probably missed some details- between the standard definition TV, the lack of closed captioning and no DVR, it's a wonder that I got as much as I did.

I'm hoping that this was just temporary. The family really wanted to watch the Pittsburgh-Cincinatti game.

Please be temporary…..


Sophia and Thomas argue about Thomas' methods but apparently she doesn't object to them enough to refuse the escape. They wonder about the welfare of Lee…

The President and Sterling argue about Sterling's methods and finding the mole in their midst. 30 men were in the building when it went into the hole. They wonder about the welfare of Lee.

They pull Sterling's agent out of the trunk of the car Lee crammed him in. He doesn't wonder about Lee-- he immediately outs him as the mole.

Sean, Leila and crazy lady 'M' jump into the files that Michael had hidden. They find some encrypted numbers and decide to go data mining.

Dempsey, a ridiculously rich man, contacts Carter the Assassin to see if he got Sean and Leila. He's not at all happy that Carter and Vicky "missed" them.

Thomas shows Sophia their success. They have sophisticated maths that can predict stock market fluctuations and they use a 'man in the midwest' as an agent. Sophia chews Thomas a new one over the building, the infection and the sheer arrogance of his operation. He apologizes to his mother (!!!). They find out about Lee's hospitalization and tenuous legal situation.

Sterling begins to investigate Lee. As he does, we flashback fourteen years when he was played like a fiddle by a Russian agent. He's devastated; he thought he was in love. Back in the present, he's looking forward to interrogating Lee.

Sean and Leila and Nutty M go to Mr. Paranoid to find out about the list. He already knows that Michael is being held by the Government but Leila's sister's whereabouts are unknown. They convince Mr. Paranoid to let them use some hardware and an encrypted line to try to determine what the list is all about. Turns out, the list is a list of girls Samantha's (Leila's kid sister) who have disappeared recently and a series of shell corporation tax ID numbers.

Dempsey's men have tracked them and are hot on their trail. They have a full assault force loaded in a van, which they promptly dump out into Mr. Paranoid's building. He is one step ahead, and ushers everybody out and blows the building up, assault force and all. When the dust clears, Sean and Leila are alone.

Thomas is in the hospital where Lee is being kept, replacing a vial of blood in a centrifuge. He accidently encounters Sterling in an elevator….
and then we flashback again, to where he's confronting his lady about her spying. He's supposed to bring her in, but he's very much in love. He considers running away with her, but she decides to run all by herself. His superior shoots her and gives him the gun so he can take credit for it…

Sean and Leila are discombobulated. They don't quite know what to do next, but I'm sure that they'll figure out something. They're plucky.

With Mission:Impossible flair, the non-terrestrials frame Murphy as the mole with evidence that Sterling buys as authentic. He goes to the Oval Office to apologize, and has a beer with the President.

Samantha is taken down a long hall to a room with, we presume, the girls on the list. They turn to welcome her and all their faces are disfigured (or maybe aged. I couldn't really tell…)


Okay, a lot was revealed tonight in a very organic manner. Thomas is Sophia's son, which is why she feels so betrayed by his actions, and also why she's willing to forgive him. The Non Terrestrials have been simultaneously making a loooot of money and nudging Earth tech along so that they have the raw materials to generate a portal home.

Lee has maintained his cover against tall odds, but the non-T's are masters of covert action.

Sterling was badly stung, and since then has cultivated distrust as a virtue. This episode made him seem nearly human.

Sean and Leila's path is charted for a while. Samantha is alive, but what will she be when Sean and Leila rescue her? They've uncovered quite a bit that makes Dempsey nervous.

This is the first we've really seen the leader of the third faction in this show. What does Dempsey want, and what has he been up to? I think he's the human middleman who has helped the Non-T's get rich. I do think that he has his own agenda that he's playing. I'm not yet sure what it is, though.

And what's with the seven year old girls? That's creepy!

One question: If the non-Terrestrials have this portal technology, why were they in a ship back in the forties? And what were they doing here in the first place?