EPISODE REVIEW: The Event :"For the Good of Our Country (Season 1, Episode 8)

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Well, I'm watching it on the big TV this week-- probably because nobody wants to watch the Redskins-Eagles game. (And no, Jerry, Glen Frey wasn't playing….)

Here comes the big question- after this week's episode, will I be banished again?

Click through to find out!


President Martinez interviews Michael Buchanan about his involvement in the assassination attempt. Buchanan comes up with the time that the 'go-no go ' call was received. This sets off an alarm in Martinez head- it was a couple of minutes after a high level meeting had taken place where V.P. Jarvis and Director Sterling tried to talk Martinez out of revealing the presence of the non-terrestrials. (We saw this in the first episode) After some quick digging, they find that Jarvis had placed an outgoing call at that time-

- to Dempsey. Dempsey decided to 'pull the trigger'. In a series of flashbacks, we learn that Dempsey placed Jarvis (who was a member of the opposition party) on Martinez' presidential ticket.

Sean and Leila escape from the scene of last episode's explosion… but so did one of the task force. Sean is shot, but they manage to incapacitate the commando and escape. Leila kidnaps a doctor to tend to Sean's wound… but after getting some supplies, Sean goes missing. He doesn't get far… but they have to end up performing surgery on him in an alley. Literally. They manage to save him, in spite of the not-at-all-sterile conditions.

V.P. Jarvis is now a hunted man. Martinez is after him and Dempsey has sent Vicky after him. Vicky gets to him first, but surprisingly shoots her back up and tells Jarvis that the only way either of them is getting out of this mess alive is to turn on Dempsey. (She has apparently realized that Dempsey knows that she helped Sean and Leila escape). Jarvis phones Martinez and confesses, but gets his butt blown up before he names Dempsey.

Of course.

Dempsey has been taking eyedropperfuls of a blueish liquid all episode. At the end of the ep, he takes one and stands in front of a mirror. His face begins to take on youthful aspects before he returns to his normal, aged appearance.


Well, apparently, the writers don't want to leave loose threads around. We learn who the traitor in the administration is, how he did it and what the consequences are. Too bad the consequences are a bit of a cliche. Did I say 'a bit'? It was a huge cliche.

We know this is speculative fiction because there's NO way in this political climate that a cross party platform would work in any conceivable combination.

Okay, so last episode, we had little girls with old faces. This episode, we get Hal Holbrook with a youngish face. Is he trying to duplicate the non-terrestrials longevity- or are they helping him?

The episode itself was okay, but there were no huge surprises.

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

Probably not. Although no parties were named, it's pretty heavily implied that Jarvis and Dempsey are Republicans. Yeah, yet another NBC show that takes potshots at the right. Again, predictable.