EPISODE REVIEW: The Event :"Casualties of War" (Season 1, Episode 5)

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Sorry that I'm late with this one- but I still beat most of the other websites that cover The Event. Yeah, that's not saying much: I beat Mr. Ed's Event site because I can type faster with my fingers than he can with his hooves.

Anyway, some storylines reached a new status quo, so let's take a look!


The survivors of the plane crash are infected with something… and they are starting to panic. The doctor briefs the President, it's unknown… and perhaps extraterrestrial. They will all be dead by morning. Thomas calls, telling him that the passengers will die if the President doesn't release the detainees.

Yay! Flashback! Sixty six years ago, Sophia tells Thomas to get all the able bodied away from the crash site. He leads them out of the snow and into some sort of outpost. Thomas and Agent Lee take a look at the tech and despair: Vacuum tubes (aka 'Stone knives and Bearskins').

Sterling advises the President to not cave to Thomas' demands, that it would be a sign of weakness. Lee calls Thomas and asks him to back off- but Thomas doesn't, because President Martinez is weak and indecisive. (Now that we're all in agreement…)

Leila waits for Sean to call her while she sits in the (unbeknownst to her) 'front' police station. They are getting antsy; in the morning, they'll be discovered as frauds and probably have to shoot their way out.

Meanwhile, Sean's phone battery is dead. He calls an old friend from a pay phone to run a locator on Vicky's cell phone. No hits, but he buys a charger. Once he has the charger, he hears Leila's message (which is a trap…) and comes rushing to the rescue, he thinks. By accident, Leila figures out that it's a trap. She tries to escape, but it's not gonna work.

The passengers are dying, again. Man, they look grim. I mean, ewww. Zombie level ewww.

President Martinez talks to his wife about the whole infection thing. She thinks that he ought to release the detainees to save lives. He says that it isn't quite that simple if you're in his shoes.

Thomas calls to reiterate his demands, and surprisingly, President Martinez gives a counter demand. If a passenger dies, he executes the detainees. In a flashback, we see that Thomas has been pushing technology along over the years to enable the 'aliens' to return home.

President Martinez starts to implement a system to 'neutralize' the detainees- Lee confers with Sophia and she orders him to order Thomas to hand over the antidote. Thomas refuses. He won't take orders from Sophia anymore. Lee leaves his meeting with Thomas distraught.

Leila reencounters Vicky and pleads for her and Sean's lives. Vicky flashes back to five years prior when she had a particularly heinous contract and was told to leave no-one alive. She actually rescued a baby… the child we met last week.

Claire and Sean pull up to the police station. As they are about to get out, Sean's friend tips them off that Vicky's in the precinct house. He comes up with a desperate plan to blackmail Vicky with a photo of her son. He walks into the police station, and Vicky helps him get Leila out, with the recommended daily allowance of carnage.

Thomas calls and renegotiates. The antidote for Sophia. Martinez agrees, but they are going to trace her (naturally).

The passengers begin to recover after receiving the antidote.

Sophia is put on an empty subway train and freedom.

Martinez' wife is not thrilled with his methodology. Why do I think that it's gonna come back and bite him?


Precious little was revealed this week. Thomas and the other Others have been pushing Earth technology forward to develop the means to go home (wherever or whenever that is). Thomas is an arrogant S.O.B., but he's not completely evil; he can be reasoned with, as long as the stakes are high enough. The question remains, how many people are working on reinventing Other tech? They have already demonstrated advanced engineering and medicine. What else do they have up their sleeves?

Sean and Claire managed to grab an additional passenger in their dustup at the police station, Carter, Vicky's partner. Why do I think that Claire will have to use 'Advanced Interrogation Techniques' to get any useful info out of him?

Oh, and President Martinez has a spine. Who knew? His wife certainly didn't, and I think that she'll perform a bi-lateral orchiectomy at her earliest convenience.

So, Leila's out of danger, the passengers are out of danger (perhaps). So, what's going to propel the plot now?
-Carter's information: Who does he work for and what do they want?
-What will Sophia do now that she's free?
-What is Thomas' master plan… or did he shoot his load?
-What now for Sean and Leila? I don't think that they'll be left alone now. And why is it so important that they be pushing up daisies?

Will Conservatives Like It?

Well… that's a good question. The obvious Obama analogue is showing some strength (which means he's not an Obama analogue, doesn't it?), so that may make some conservatives less dismissive. There's lots of action, and intrigue and surprisingly little politics.

So yeah. Good escapism.