EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: "You Don't Know Jack" (Season 3, Episode 16)

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Wow, I’m so disappointed in this last episode. I actually think that it might be the worst episode of Eureka I’ve ever seen. I know that part of that stems from the above average arc that just finished up but the other part of it is the fact that some genius decided to do a clip show (which I personally vehemently despise) which just wasn’t very good. Then you add the strangeness that my DVR was telling me that this was the season finale even though wikipedia lists two more episodes after this.


We open with Tess handing out a “story catcher” to Zoe as a part of the Eureka Time capsule project. They are described as “memory recorders” that connect to your brain through your eyes and when you speak about the memory. Zoe is unsure of the memory she wants to record for posterity and when her arrival is mentioned Joe decides to record her memory of Zoe’s arrival which leads to the first of many clips that this episode has. Fargo shows up and asks for another memory recorder from Tess and is given a hard time by Carter and Joe about the fact that he is the center of many of the disasters the town has. We move to Carter at GD with Alison who has tried to contact him that the birthing class has been canceled because of an annual “sonic cleaning” scheduled for GD. We find that no organic matter can survive the sonic cleaning and that there are some stragglers so Alison asks Carter to accompany her in rounding them up. One of the stragglers is Fargo who wants to see what the various memories of him are. When he finds that the memories are in line with Joe and Carter’s taunts he decides to delete them from the system. Carter and Alison find one of the other scientists is dazed and confused about where he is and what he should be doing, at which point the lab explodes.

After putting out the fire Carter and Alison find that the scientist can’t remember that the lab that exploded happened to be his or what he was working on. Alison takes him to the offsite infirmary while Carter looks for his partner. Carter finds his partner and finds that she can’t remember her partner or where their lab is. We move back to Café Diem where Vincent gets a flashback clip. We then move back to GD where Alison says that the scientists seem to be suffering from selectivity memory that could turn into retrograde amnesia. The scientist in charge of the sonic cleaning mentions that he kicked Fargo out of Tess’s office. Carter and Alison head down there because Carter has a hunch that Tess’s memory system is behind the loss of memory phenomena. Carter is about to check out the recorded memories concerning Fargo when the building locks down on him and Alison for the sonic cleaning. And when Alison activates the fail safe, it fails; leaving them trapped in Section 5.

We return with Alison and Carter unable to get out of Section 5 or even communicate to the outside. Returning to Café Diem, we find the amnesia growing and Zoe still having issues with what memory because she thinks that no one wants to hear about her mistakes. Henry recounts his clip as a way to encourage Zoe that even her mistakes are valuable. Meanwhile the scientist in charge of the sonic cleaning notices the message concerning the fail safe and doesn’t recognize it. Returning to Alison and Carter, Carter view the Fargo memories and only finds one (making us live through another clip) in which Fargo is a Zorro like hero from a dream. And we find out that Carter was right, Fargo’s deletion of the memories while the project was active has caused the project to start deleting memories. Alison thinks she has found a way to use the project to communicate to the outside but starts to suffer from the amnesia right before she is able to get started.

Carter tries to show Alison her life through the memories that have been recording (resulting in a series of clips concerning Alison and Carter’s relationship). Carter comes up with an idea to use the baby pager he left at Café Diem to try to contact the outside world. Zoe finds the pager and her and Tess realize that Carter and Alison are trapped and rush to the rescue while the amnesia continues to worsen with Joe not recognizing Carter, Fargo not recognizing Alison and Henry not recognizing GD. Carter tries to bring back Alison’s memories and shows her the memories concerning her and Nathan Stark (which is another clip show). Alison starts to remember but as she prepares to try to reverse the damage that Fargo did she goes into labor.

Carter then tries to further jog Alison’s memory and tells her to focus on Eureka (and we get yet another clip show). Tess and Zoe show up at GD and Tess gives Zoe full access to Section 5 to look for Alison and Carter while Tess tries to turn off the sonic cleaning. Alison can’t seem to crack the system. Zoe shows up and tells them that Tess was supposed to be shutting down the system but hasn’t yet. Carter runs to Alison’s office while Zoe looks after Alison. Carter finds Tess in the office but she doesn’t remember him.

Carter tries to jumpstart Tess’s memories and manages to with a kiss but she still isn’t able to quite remember how to and they only manage to stop it with seconds left. Carter has Tess go get Fargo while he helps deliver Alison’s baby. Tess brings Fargo back to the lab and he is able to generate a mass upload of the memories from the storage Tess was using. Everyone gets their memories back and Alison gives birth to Jenna Stark and goes on maternity leave; leaving Tess in charge of GD.


-The lack of scientific background on this episode was astounding, if you’ve read my previous reviews you know I’m not one for scientific thoroughness and my suspension of belief is pretty easy but even I had trouble keeping a straight face when the mentioned phonons as a sonic cleaning.

-I really, really hate clip episodes

-I’m really not sure how I feel about the whole Tess running GD thing, it seems kind of thrown together.

-Although I’m rather excited about next weeks episode, because Taggart returns.