EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: "Shower the People." (Season 3, Episode 15)

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Well, another week and another Eureka. This week marks the end of the signal meta-story. And while I’m rather disappointed in it ending, my disappointment stems from the writers ending such a promising meta-story so soon (though there seemed countless directions it could go) rather than the way they ended it. It wasn’t your typical Eureka story and in many ways that is what made it so darn good. In the past Eureka has flirted with the darker, drama oriented side of the dramedy scale only to come running back to the lighter slapstick side like a dog with its tail on fire. But for the last three episodes or so, Eureka has gotten rather dramatic (at least for a show that’s supposed to be about scientific inventions that go crazy in hilarious ways) and a more than a little dark. And when you add the developments from this episode’s story with the preview scene for the next episode it looks like the trend might continue even without the meta-story guiding it.


We open with Carter and Tess talking about their date and Tess telling Carter that they have a specialist coming in to help download the data from Kim but she can’t seem to find Kim. Carter replies that he saw Kim with Henry at Café Diem (which is apparently a breach of protocol since technically Kim is property of GD). The specialist arrives, who happens to be an old TA to Tess and Alison from when they were in grad school, and Jack is introduced to Dr. Manlyus. Carter heads to Café Diem to let Henry know that Kim is needed back at GD and finds Zoe trying to plan Alison’s baby shower with the three harpies (a trio of GD baby researchers). We move to GD where Dr. Manlyus plans to use radiation to change the shape of Kim’s cells in order to create electronic duplicates and tests his device on a strand of Kim’s hair. We move on to Alison’s baby shower in which she gets all kinds of high tech gifts including from a brand new kind of baby monitor that allows you to feel what the baby feels, diapers that absorb up to 5 times their mass in liquid, and green technology bottles that bond to whatever liquid and releases 100 percent of it from the three harpies. We move forward to the next day with Carter hung over from too many mimosas on his way in to find one of the harpies drowned in her car on the road.

Fargo is taking over for Henry as Medical Examiner while Henry works with Kim to extract the data. Tess and Alison talk about Tess’s feelings for Carter after Tess asks Carter on another skywatching date in Alison’s office. Carter talks to one of the other harpies regarding the possibility of killing the other one over grants. Dr. Manlyus proceeds on trying to extract the data from Kim only to have to shut down mid-process because of it hurting her. Back at Café Diem, Vincent is closing early because of some leak and Zoe finds that the source of the leak is the doctor Carter confronter earlier has drowned in the bathroom.

As Fargo starts to look into the second body Carter suggests that they are generating the water and Fargo says he will test the water. We find that because they shut down the data extraction, Kim is dieing. Fargo discovers that both bodies were filled with synthetic water which is made in Eureka. We find that Carter is using the restroom a lot and is starting to show signs of recent weight gains, while working with SARAH to analyze various items from the baby shower only to collapse on the floor in the kitchen.

Carter comes to in GD’s medical center and finds that he’s just suffering from sympathy pregnancy for Alison. They decide to continue checking the other baby showers guests for synthetic water. There is a call regarding third body in the GD gym. A gym employee drowned in an empty hot tub. They find the third harpy just in time to be able to keep her alive with artificial respiration. Dr. Manlyus talks about the possibility of dissolving Kim in order to finish downloading the data as she is dieing anyways. They find out that the synthetic water reacts to human plasma by expanding and it turns out that synthetic water can be compressed to a high degree. Carter continues to suffer from extreme sympathetic pregnancy. Henry tries a different method to extract the data from Kim and repair her at the same time using a nutrient solution only to have Kim shut down.

They manage to bring Kim back and Dr. Manlyus continues to try to convince Henry to allow them to dissolve her to save the data. Carter realizes that they use synthetic water to cool the radiation chamber and finds out that this might recompress the water and that the water from the first test went to the Gym’s steam room after the test. Kim convinces Henry to let her die in order to fulfill her purpose. Carter finds out that the three harpies were in the steam room but that Tess also showed up as a late arrival. Tess is running to the elevator and winds up in lock down when her retina scan doesn’t work to get her to section 5 and collapses in the elevator.

Carter climbs down the elevator shaft to get to Tess and finds her with a pulse but not breathing. He starts performing CPR while mentioning how it’s not how he expected their first kiss. We cut to the infirmary where Carter finds out that it could take month for Tess to expel the synthetic water from her lungs, but that her organs could give out before that. Henry says goodbye to Kim and they proceed to dissolve her in a chemical bath in order to download the data. Carter gets Dr. Manlyus to work with the synthetic water doctor (Dr. Rivers) in order to save Tess by allowing her to expel the compressed synthetic water. They manage to get the synthetic water out of Tess. Carter finds out that the reason for his sympathetic pregnancy is the high tech baby monitor. Alison also tells him to go be with Tess. Tess meets Carter in the GD lobby and thanks him for saving her life in the elevator, where the episode ends with them deciding to go on the second date and kissing.


-The Tess/Alison/Carter triangle continues to get more interesting. There was a definite pain in Alison’s eyes when she finds out that Tess and Carter started seeing each other.

-The puns in this episode where almost painful. The water expert is named Dr. Rivers and the data extraction expert is Dr. Manlyus who Tess refers to repeatedly as Dr. Manly.

-I’m rather disappointed that they killed off Kim again.

-The best line had to be Fargo getting all condescending when Carter suggest that the victims were generating the water only to turn around and find that the second victim in Café Diem has filled the body bag with water to the point where it’s leaking like a fountain.