EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: "Ship Happens" (Season 3, Episode 14

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This episode continues from almost exactly where last weeks left off. And that being the case, there is definitely more of a drama feeling to it all from the standard Eureka comedy. Not that there is no comedy in this episode, only that the comedy is toned down from where it normally is in an episode like “It’s Not Easy Being Green”. The real nice thing about this episode is that it opens up a lot of cans of worms and it asks a lot of questions, such as “What is it to be human?” We see the development of a new Alison/Carter love triangle, Henry gets a rather interesting surprise and one of the town’s rather ubiquitous scientists dies (I swear they pulled a page from the original Trek’s red shirts, if you see a scientist get a speaking part that you’ve never met before there’s a good chance they’re not going to survive the episode)


We start the episode with a quick recap of what’s come before; kind of boring really but informative none the less. From there we move to the field with the space ship the morning after landing and learn that the ship is called the Columbus (an unmanned probe) which was built by Henry and his dead girlfriend Kim (for a better understanding see the end of the first season). Carter and Tess talk about watching a meteor shower when the ship, having powered down, then proceeds to initiate a protocol to open the doors and who should pop out but Kim.

Moving back to Global we find that the Kim look alike is genetically Kim but also not exactly human. We learn that the ship was run by an organic computer which was fried and created the Kim look alike. Alison and Carter share a precious moment where Carter finds out that Alison is having a girl. Moving forward, Carter and Joe are trying to give everyone the stuff that was stolen to build the landing rig, back. And we meet our scientist of the week Dr. Lieber who picks up a 200 petavolt boost converter. Back at Global we find that the original computer created the alternate Kim from a skin cell in order to back itself up after encountering an error. During this we see Henry is having issues with his girlfriend kind of coming back from the dead. Back at the sheriff’s office we find out that Carter gave Lieber Fargo’s boost converter which was superior to the one Lieber originally had which necessitates an inspection where they find Lieber dead apparently electrocuted by one of his own devices. Meanwhile Zane tries to pull data from the original organic computer and is only able to tell that it did build the new Kim.

Henry and Carter try to figure out what happened to Lieber and Carter tries to help Henry work through his feelings about new Kim to help Alison figure out what happened to the ship. At Global Tess, Alison, and Zane try to figure out how to get the ship’s data out of the new Kim (who has it written into her very cells). We find out from Henry that Lieber actually electrocuted his machine rather than the other way around. Zane tries to get the data only to find himself being electrocuted.

We return to find Zane in the GD medical clinic apparently suffering from rising waves of electrical activity that could eventually electrocute himself. Carter and Joe interrogate the new Kim regarding the possibility that she caused the electrocutions and convince her that it would be logical to assume that she is the cause, at which point she asks them to terminate her. Henry and Carter posit over the vagaries of the human condition, what it means to be human and whether the new Kim might have part of the old Kim in her. Henry examines Kim (still with a rather stiff formality) and finds that there is some kind of hybrid computer/real virus (a virus with binary data instead of DNA) that is attacking us and they figure out that it came from the original organic computer when Zane jacked his organic computer into it.

We find that the new virus is also capable of human to human transfer. And Henry works with the new Kim to try to figure out how she is immune to the virus. Upon figuring out how she is immune, Carter suggests the possibility of using light to transfer the immunity to the rest of Eureka (as normal anti-viral procedures won’t work with the digital virus) but they realize there’s a power issue with it taking an enormous amount of power to transfer the information. While they throw out ideas, Carter throws out the idea of a plasma generator and causes everyone’s jaws to drop. He then explains that they can have the new Kim show them how to rebuild the plasma generator from the last episode.

They start building the generator and after a certain hiccup concerning Fargo have it up and running and bathing the entire town in a eerie green glow which destroys the virus. The episode ends with Henry coming to terms with the new Kim being in Eureka and Tess and Carter watching their meteor shower.


-Interesting new love triangle with Carter at the center of it instead of Alison, which makes for interesting places it could go (I’m kind of reminded of the Firefly episode “Heart of Gold” and a similar triangle between Mal, Inarra and Nandy)

-I’m also interested to see where they take the Henry and new Kim thing. It will be interesting if they play something out where General Mansfield claims her as Global property instead of a person.

-The Zane and Joe relationship seems to be taking off. I really liked how serious they seem to be getting and there’s a genuine chemistry between the actors.

-The best line of the show had to be when Carter suggested the plasma as being able to generate a large burst of power and the silence afterwards because he had suggested a scientific solution and was able to back up his reason

-All and all a real great episode, not as funny as some but serious with definite funny parts.