EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: "Reprise" (Season 4, Episode 12)

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I have to wonder how Comcast purchased a controlling stake in NBC at the beginning of the year and I not notice it until now.  I was looking for ways to view this episode of Eureka in case I missed it when I discovered that July will only be airing all SyFy shows after they've finished their season runs.  Enough complaining though, we should get on to the review.  In the interest of full disclosure I should state that this episode marks the beginning of Felicia Day's multiple episode arc on Eureka and given the crush I have on her (the wife says it has something to do with the red hair) I may not be entirely impartial concerning aspects of the episodes that she is a part of.  On to the actual review.  Unfortunately, while rather enjoyable, this episode was rather formulated and quite easy to predict.  The only exception to this was the end which appears to be related to the meta-story arc for the second half of this season but we'll get to that after the play by play.


We begin with Vincent and his crew opening Cafe Diem to Pink’s ‘Get this Party Started’ and we’re introduced to Felicia Day’s character, Holly Marten who while a rocket scientist by education has apparently made inroads into neuro-linguistic programing as a way to manage her anxiety when dealing with people

Continuing on we see Fargo reviewing his schedule with Larry who is actually vacation, we find that Day’s character is Senator Wen’s representative to review the shuttle launch and test of the FTL drive from the last episode the scene ends with Fargo punching and kicking the air to ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

We then jump to Allison and Jack saying goodbye as she has to go to a medical conference and is leaving Jack to watch Kevin and Jenna.

It seems we’re seeing everyone’s morning routine as we find Grace walking in on Henry cooking breakfast to “I Melt with You” as part of their 6 month anniversary since he returned into the new time line.  She mentions that she wishes every morning could be like this and Henry replies cryptically that he had an idea about that.

Next we move Jo polishing the mailbox of her new house (as the last one was blown up), when Zane shows up and proceeds to inform her that Fargo told him about the time travel/alternate present thing which upsets Jo as she has been trying to put the past behind her.

Jo confronts Fargo about him telling Zane last episode which is interrupted by the arrival of Holly Marten at which point Fargo starts acting stranger that usual, being very rude and eventually transporting Holly out using the FTL drive while she is geeking out over it.  Fargo reveals that Holly expressed a desire to take the drive apart to figure out how it works which could of led the her discovering it’s design being based on the Einstein bridge which could have led to the secret regarding their time travel coming out and expresses a complete lack of worry as to where she was sent or even the possibility that she was disintegrated.

We find Carter at Cafe Diem with Kevin and Jenna while Kevin decries that he and Jack don’t hang out like they used to (before Jack got back from 1945) when apparently Jack would take Kevin on ride-alongs.  Jo calls Jack regarding the missing Holly and Jack asks Kevin if he has any ideas where she could be, Kevin replies that the most likely place is the Boson Cloud Exciter and wants to head there immediately but Jack says that they’ll let Jo know because today is his day off.  They’re interrupted by Vincent trying to serve Jack a martini and mentioning that it’s never too early to party and Kevin steals Jack’s jeep to head to the BCE site.

Jo and Carter head to the BCE and looking for Holly and Kevin.  Holly is completely geeking out regarding the whole experience and as Jo escorts her back to GD, Allison calls Jack, Jack covers for Kevin not mentioning that he stole to Jeep to look for a missing scientist at which point Allison begins to lose reception and her tire blows out.  She comes across a young women whose father has gone off the road and down a cliff (well a very steep hill) after losing control.  Allison heads down to take a look and hits her head when she slips but seems okay.

Jo and Zane back at the FTL drive with Holly while Fargo is locked in Jo’s holding cell.  Zane mentions that he might be able to hide the origins of the FTL drive but requests to see Jo naked as payment in his customary joking manner.  Jo is really set on letting Zane go and Zane is just as adamant about figuring out what they were to each other.

Jack and Kevin enter the sheriff’s office where Andy is watching Jenna.  Andy mentions that things have been kind of crazy but Jack replies that Andy will have to take care of it because it’s still his day off.  Jo calls right after Jack leaves and is passing by her house only to discover that it has been burned down by Zane apparently in retaliation for not letting him see her naked.

Back at the sheriff’s office we have Jo in the holding cell and Zane handcuffed to a chair with Kevin watching and eating popcorn.  Jack realizes that both Zane and Fargo are acting crazy and posits that it could be because of the FTL flight.

Grace and Henry are working on something in the garage when Jack calls but they decide to ignore him and continue working.

Allison makes it down to the car but finds it empty, she calls for the young woman to bring her some equipment that will let them track the father as he appears to have wandered off.

Zane, Fargo, Jo and Holly are in the infirmary trying to figure out if the FTL jump affected them in some way when we see a bunch of dogs running through the concourse.  Jack calls and they mention that Henry is answering the phone so Jack is going to head over and pick him up but they’re interrupted when Jack and Kevin run across a landslide that appears to have been caught in a stasis field.  Holly arrives and explains everything to Jack and the audience when all of a sudden Kevin steals Jack’s for a second time.

Jack arrives back at the Sheriff’s office to find Kevin there and Jack decides that he can’t avoid not coming in to work today because more people than just Fargo and Zane are affected.  It’s revealed in a flash to Holly, Jo, Zane and Fargo that the status field is expanding and will reach GD in about seven minutes.  We cut back to Jack coming out in his uniform while Kevin sings the Cops theme to himself and Jack begins to make the connection between the strange behavior and the town wide playlist that’s apparently located inside the jukebox in Cafe Diem. Jack calls Jo and they realize what is happening.  We then cut to Henry and Grace locked in the stasis field while in each other’s arms.

Allison and the young woman locate the young woman’s father and Allison sends her back to get the paramedics.  Jack and Kevin try to back trace the person who played a song about stopping time and Holly mentions that there appear to be hallmarks of neuro-linguistic programming and work and we find out that the server automatically downloads the music from any outside source (which seems rather illegal on the face of it, quick someone call the RIAA) and Holly’s neuro-linguistic encoded mp3s have apparently infected the entire server.  We find out that Henry and Grace created the stasis field and Jack heads over to try to shut it off, telling Andy to get Kevin and Jenna out of town.  Meanwhile Holly is trying desperately to reprogram the algorithms in an effort to fix the town.

As Zane, Fargo and Holly rush out in attempt to fix Henry they get caught in the stasis field.  Kevin tries to rush out to help Jack because he thinks that Jack is in danger from Bob Marley at which point we hear ‘I shot the Sheriff’ play as Jack pulls up to Henry’s garage.  Jo pulls up behind him and pulls her gun.  Jack dives into the stasis field as Jo fires.  Kevin shows up in Andy’s car right after Jo fires and proceeds to play “Why can’t we be Friends” to break the Marley spell and explains his plan to Jo.  Kevin shuts off the field device as Jo jumps into the stasis field and takes the bullet for Jack.  Jack thanks Jo who mentions that he should be thanking Kevin.

We find out that Holly is not at Eureka to investigate the accident but rather to evaluate the FTL for long term space exploration because GD will be getting a grant of 20 billion dollars for a FTL ship capable of traveling to Titan.

Allison says good bye to the young woman she helped, Jack and Andy review the days events and Allison returns home hugging her kids.  Jo mourns the loss of her house in its ruins when Zane shows up and apologizes.  They talk and Jo reiterates that they can’t have anything because there’s nothing between them now.  Zane asks how she knows and Jo kisses and points to the lack of a spark and tries to walk off when Zane grabs her wrist and pulls her into a much more passionate embrace.  Jack and Allison are getting ready for bed with Allison rubbing her neck where she hit it on the rock when she slipped, mentioning she has a headache.  We’re treated to a view of Allison’s neurons which appear to have some kind of device attached to them.

We are then showed what actually happened after she lost contact with Jack.  Her tire wasn’t blown out by debris but was shot out and the women she saw on he side of the road was Beverly Barlow at which point she was injected with something where she thinks she hit herself on the rock.  Beverly tells the man who injected her that Allison will only remember what they want her to remember and we fade to black.


As much as it pains me to say this, this week’s episode was a really disappointing show.  There were any number of things which severely threatened the suspension of belief this week.  The first being exactly how does a rocket scientist know anything about neuro-linguistic algorithms.  Adding to that was the fact that the audience is basically given the plot in the first 15 minutes.

On the other hand it was kind of nice to see the kid who plays Kevin get a nice big part and as I said at the beginning, I’ll watch anything with Felicia Day in it.  However the only real surprise was the return of Beverly and the wondering as to what exactly she did to Allison.  Hopefully we’ll get some mileage out of it.


I can’t see why not.  It’s just your typical fluff piece of TV, there’s really nothing to object to about it.