EPISODE REVIEW: Eureka: “What Goes Around, Comes Around” (Season 3, Episode 18)

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So we’ve come to the end of this long and strange season of Eureka and I must say that this episode felt much more like a series finale. It tied so much of the hanging plot strings up in the last two or three episodes (including this one) that you find yourself wondering where they’re going to go when the fourth season starts. So let’s just dive right into it shall we.


We open with Jack asking SARAH for two cups of coffee with SARAH completing how the second cup should be just in time to for us to see Tess walking into the kitchen thanking SARAH for the coffee. We find that Tess is going to be using the GD supercollider to prove the existence of Dark Energy and she invites Jack to watch. Zoe comes in and while the two are kissing and calls for a hand check; at which point Tess leaves for GD and Jack and Zoe talk about her helping another girl with her bio-tech final (Novice Divers Controlled by Neural Muscle Remote). While they are talking Zoe opens the mail to find out that she’s been accepted for Early Admission for an Undergraduate Pre-med program at Harvard starting the next semester. Zoe runs off mentioning that she needs to tell Lucas. We then cut to Lucas complaining to Henry about how it’s horrible that Zoe is heading off early and that it’s “ruining their plans” to go to college together while working on the data from Kim’s ship. Henry tries to console Lucas with mention that it’s a very rare opportunity and the Zoe really does deserve it. At which point Lucas sticks his foot in his mouth regarding all the knowledge in the universe being unable to compare to the fact that your girlfriend is leaving. As Lucas is trying to extricate his foot from his mouth, he and Henry find a distortion in the northern edge of the heliosphere in Kim’s ship’s data that indicates something called Nemesis. We cut again to Café Diem where Joe is trying to console Jack about Zoe leaving. While there they encounter Fargo and Larry arguing over Fargo endangering the world. We find out that Nemesis is a neutron star that is theorized to be in a binary system with our sun that cause an extinction level event every 65 million years by abruptly changing Earth’s magnetic polarity. We also find that Larry is worried about the upcoming supercollider experiment that Tess was talking about earlier. We then cut to the supercollider with Jack, Tess, Fargo and Zane. And just as they’re getting started the portion of the supercollider that is in front of the window to the control room explodes.

We return to the supercollider control room and have to suffer through a few minutes of the four of them sounding like South Park voice cast rejects (due to Helium) and find out that apparently someone sabotaged the supercollider, causing it to explode. Jack and Joe immediately proceed speak with Larry who was one of the more vocal opponents to the supercollider experiment; to which Larry declares his innocence. We return to the destroyed supercollider control room where Fargo and his girlfriend (the one from “Your Face or Mine”) and where Fargo talks about being so close to death and his decision to make a bucket list that he wants to do with her. All of a sudden the lights start to flicker and we cut to Tess on the phone thanking someone for the opportunity but that she still needs time to make her decision, which is when Jack walks in. We find out that Tess has been offered to coordinate the building of a very large array in Australia and that after Alison comes back from maternity leave, that Tess will be out of a job Jack proceeds to get rather passive-aggressive about it all and mentions that he’s worried the supercollider project could have had a leak of Dark Energy. As Tess assures him that there’s nothing wrong, an alarm goes off. We cut to the control room again and find Fargo stuck to the ceiling.

Fargo falls to the floor (narrowly missing the air mattress that his girlfriend sets out for him) and Jack continues to be passive-aggressive about the possibility of Tess leaving for Australia. Fargo is taken to the infirmary by Henry. We cut to Zoe at Tesla getting prepped for the dive competition, where she complains about Lucas’ lack of support regarding the early admission to college. We cut back to GD where Jack is looking for Zane and Tess is following him trying to get some conversation about her chance of leaving for Australia and they get into an argument. Zane tells Carter that the supercollider broke before it could smash anything, ruling it out as a cause of the strange happenings. Henry shows up and we find out that Fargo is anemic and has been taking iron for most of his life, which lead Jack to wonder if there could be some kind of magnet type thing involved in it. We cut back to Zoe’s dive, we see Jack making it right before her dive. He notices that the swimming pool appears to be boiling and tries to stop the jump only to have Zoe light to water on fire as she dives into the pool.

We return to Jack diving in to save Zoe. Some quick thinking person also grabs the Eureka version of a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire, allowing Jack and Zoe to surface. We move to Henry’s Garage where Henry tells Jack that he thinks he’s found what caused the pool to catch on fire. Apparently there’s an electromagnetic hot spot fluctuating over Eureka. Jack mentions to Henry that it seems kind of like what he saw when Fargo was telling him about Nemesis. We cut back to Café Diem where Joe tries to convince Zoe to talk to Jack. Zoe complains to Joe about Lucas’ lack of enthusiasm only to have Lucas show up and apologize, telling her that he has something to show her. As they leave, Fargo and his girlfriend arrive from skydiving just in time for another wave of electromagnetism to come through, pinning Fargo to a wall. Henry and Jack try to convince Tess that someone has built a scale model of Nemesis. Jack realizes that Lucas is the one who created the scale model of Nemesis. We cut to Lucas and Zoe in his workshop/garage where she mentions that she wants to “be with him” and just as things start to get heavy, Jack opens the door discovering one of the sights no father wants to see. After verifying that Lucas did simulate Nemesis in order to figure out a way to stop it; they find that he has in fact created a new north pole over his house.

We come back to Tess’ office at GD where Jack is grilling Lucas about the creation of the new North Pole. We find out that Lucas was trying to solve the Nemesis problem because he was hoping to get Henry to write him a letter like the one that Henry wrote for Zoe to get her into the early enrollment program at Harvard. We learn that with the destruction of the supercollider, Lucas’ device channeled and amplified the energy from the supercollider. We move on to a small vignette about the escalating crisis, which shows Joe’s car being attacked by stop signs, mail boxes and the like. Meanwhile back at GD; Zane, Tess, and Henry come up with a plan to dampen the field with the opposite polarity to fix the problem. But problems arise when the town’s power grid goes down due to the new pole; making it impossible to use any of their standard delivery vehicles. Jack comes up with a solution to use Martha (from “Bad to the Drone”) since she isn’t made of metal. Prior sending in Martha, Lucas realizes that they need to reverse the polarity of his amplifier. Jack volunteers to do so but is told that the magnetic forces are so powerful that they could temporarily paralyze him.

When we return, we find Jack getting injected with the same things that Zoe had for the dive contest, so if he does lose motor control they can control his body for him. He does lose control and Tess controls him enough to get the polarity reversed on the amplifier and he makes a run for it as Martha strafes Lucas’ house with her positron cannon. Of course Jack survives but insists on him needing a vacation. Returning to GD we see Henry, Jack, and Tess talking about what’s happened while Zoe and Lucas make out in the rotunda. Jack and Tess walk off and Jack apologizes for acting the way he has been and she asks him to come with her to Australia. They decide to give it time and see what happens. Afterwards we see Zoe getting ready to head off college and Jack walking her to her car. We end the season with Jack walking into the Sheriff’s office and Joe making sure he’s okay. She mentions he has a package on his desk which turns out to be plane tickets to Australia; at which point the phone rings and it happens to be Alison and Jack tells her he was just going to call her.


-I have to reiterate how much this episode felt like a series finale rather than a season finale. There really was no cliffhanger and there were really no over arching story lines that were left unfinished (unless you count the one from the end of the first season and the beginning of the second, which I think the writers have forgotten about)

-Surprisingly I found that there is some mention of the possibility that our sun could have some sort of companion star as well as justifications for the existence of Dark Energy

-Personally I felt that this was one of Eureka’s superior stand alone episodes and while it ran to form it wasn’t nearly as predictable as last week’s episode.

-It’ll be interesting if they bring Tess back or not, considering the actress is a lead in Eastwick from the last that I heard.

-I’m really going to miss the Zoe character, though there is a slight possibility that her leaving could signal the beginning of a spin off series. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.