Episode Review: Doctor Who:"The Time of Angels" (Episode 762)

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The Doctor encounters the Weeping Angels and Dr. River Song... and he's probably not sure which one is worse.

Okay, it's the Angels. River just annoys him.

As usual, if you want a recap, Check out Wikipedia's here I'm forgoing the play by play... Great Britain has had this episode to kick about for a couple of weeks, and the opinions are flying...

The mystery of River Song deepens. This story takes place before 'Silence in the Library' in her personal timeline (she isn't Professor Song yet.), and this story is referenced in that one... (listen for the reference to the 'Wreck of the Byzantium' in 'Silence in the Library'). She knows High Gallifreyan and how to pilot the Tardis. Who'd've guessed that the Tardis isn't supposed to make that "Whoop-Whoop" sound... the Doctor leaves on the emergency brake. HOWEVER, she's apparently done a bad, bad thing and killed a man who didn't need a' killin', and she's in the custody of officers of the Church. I've heard of warrior-clergy before, but this was new. She's trying to earn her pardon by capturing a dormant Weeping Angel.

Well, not sure how dormant this one is, really. The Angels have gotten some heretofore unknown abilities- they are no longer the kind killers who make you live to death. These Angels can move through anything that captures their image, and they can apparently possess through their stony gaze.

Amy, after a couple of episodes of being ultra competent is finally out of her league. Not that I mind her being competent, but no human can keep up with the Doctor for long, with the possible exceptions of Romana and River. She is in deep trouble here.

Matt Smith is really starting to come into his own as the Doctor. His horror at discovering that the funerary statuary all have one head too few is priceless. His method of breaking through Amy's mental block (if that's what it is...) is something I don't think any other Doctor would do.

This episode brings the creepy. Republibot 2.4 was trying to crawl behind the couch all through it.
This episode may not make top five lists (unless you couple it with next weeks, in which case it might), but it's close.

All it needed was some Sally Sparrow.