EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "The Rebel Flesh" (Episode 217a)

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Good Evening- it's time for a creepy Doctor Who episode. How creepy is it? Was it any good?
Spoilers below


Three people in futuristic Hazmat suits arrive in a hostile environment with vats of acid… one falls in and dies, but none of them show a lot of concern over it. The dead guy meets them outside… as his clone dies in an acid vat.

The Doctor and companions are lounging in the Tardis,. The Doctor is still scanning Amy's belly for the baby (or lack thereof). They are suddenly hit by a solar tsunami, which casts them into the future (22nd century or so) that we saw in the teaser. A group of 'almost people' come to meet them, guns drawn, but a little bit of psychic paper gives them credentials enough to snoop around.

The head of the facility takes them to see 'The Flesh'. It's a biological soup that can be used to replicate any biological form all the way down to the cells. The workers use it to make doppelgangers or 'gangers' to do hazardous work . The laborers get in harnesses where they operate the gangers like forklifts. The Doctor is alarmed, the 'Flesh' is alive and it's scanning him.

The solar tsunami is heading for the factory, and the Doctor must stop it- the factory is solar powered and it could make stuff go boom. Well, he doesn't quite pull it off, and the doppelgangers start to degenerate…

The Doctor and the factory workers discover that the doppelgangers are walking loose without being controlled. Naturally, the leader doesn't believe they could go on walkabout, but they are soon confronted with the evidence. A couple of the gangers start substituting for their prototypes, and the higgaldy meets the piggaldy. A ganger who thinks she's a girl named Jennifer is rather taken with Rory, and her plight touches him.

The Doctor makes his way to the vat of Flesh, which unbeknownst to him, has begun to imitate him. Meanwhile, the gangers are beginning to organize- they've grabbed the acid suits and are planning to attack the originals. The Doctor goes outside the factory, only to find the Tardis sinking into the acid soaked ground. He beats a hasty retreat inside and comes across the Ganger Gang. Naturally, he tries to make peace.

Rory takes Ganger-Jen to the others, where she's met with the usual suspicion and fear. Eventually the Doctor arrives with the rest of the gangers and they very nearly make nice until Cleaves (leader of the originals) electrocutes one of the clones. This really infuriates the gangers, and they start to wage war on the normals. The Doctor and company run for the most defensible position in the acid factory, only to find a Doctor Doppelganger….

To be continued.


There were some genuinely creepy moments in this episode, but it just didn't quite connect with me. This seemed like a lot of 'nu-Who' episodes we've seen before. The Doctor stumbles onto some variety of factory/installation, something is going creepy-wrong and the Doctor solves it (usually after the TARDIS has been rendered inaccessible somehow).

My comments this week are going to be brief, as it's really up to next week's episode to wow me. However, I think we might've just seen the solution to the Doctor's death back in the opener…

Will Conservatives Like This Episode

I don't know. Did you like it?