EPISODE REVIEW: Doctor Who: "The Girl Who Waited"

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Tonight, Amy is abandoned, even though Rory and the Doctor never leave her. She doesn't just sit and wait...

How does it turn out? Spoilers ahoy!


Appalapachia!- The second most touristy planet in the cosmos... and the Doctor and company miss it. They are in an all-white puzzlebox where Amy is immediately separated from the others. She is in a parallel timestream that is moving (by my back-of-the-envelope calcuations)

She pushed a different button to get out of the room than Rory and the Doctor. So Rory tries to find her, and fails. The droid explains that Appalapachia is under quarantine for Chen-7, and they've landed in the Two Streams facility, a 'Kindness' center. The Chen-7 plague only affects two-hearted races like the Appalapachians and Time Lords. The Doctor retreats to the Tardis to try and rescue Amy, who gets herself admitted to the facility.

At first, the Kindness Hospice (which, let's face it, is what it is...) looks to be a fairly nice place, with tons of entertainment available. When the hand-droids detect that Amy has foreign bacteria, they try to administer alien antibiotics. Unfortunately, their kindness will kill Amy. She has to start dodging the droids... she finds her way to the 'Gate Room' and to a lovely garden. She has access to the central computer interface and uses it to find the temporal engines that maintain the dual timestreams.

The Doctor and Rory find their way into the timezone. Rory leaves the Tardis in search of Amy, the Doctor can't leave the Tardis (The plague...). He finds Amy- but it's Amy forty years on. She's bitter, angry and hates the Doctor. She's made her own sonic screwdriver, she's turned into quite the resourceful genius. As she leads Rory around, it turns out that she's got near-control of the joint, and what she doesn't control, she is able to avoid. The only thing she can't do is escape.

The Doctor concocts a plan to fold Amy's timeline on itself, but he needs her help to do it. She refuses... man, does she hate the Doctor; but it seems she still loves Rory. She refuses to be rescued as a younger version, because she values her accomplishments and achievements in the past 36 years; she refuses to help her younger self. Well, at least she does until she talks to young Amy. Young Amy asks Older Amy to help her, not for her sake, but for Rory's. Old Amy relents, stating that she's going to pull time apart for Rory, and kisses him.

Older Amy does not tend to go quietly... or at all. She demands the Doctor take both of them. By jettisoning the Karaoke Bar (and a few other things), the Tardis can sustain the paradox (But the Tardis really hates it. Poor Rory has to try and deal with two Amys while attempting to get back to the Tardis. The trio try to escape, but don't quite pull it off. Young Amy gets touched by a Handbot, and Rory has to carry her into the Tardis. Old Amy comes running toward the Tardis, but the Doctor shuts the door in her face. He has lied, again. The Tardis can't maintain the paradox of two Amys. The Doctor tells Rory that he has to choose between the Amys. He is torn up with that decision- but Old Amy tells him to not open the door...

She allows the Handbots to touch her... she falls and fades away.

The Doctor and Rory have saved Amy, sort of...


First, let me give kudos to Karen Gillan. Her portrayal of Older Amy was amazing, and note-perfect. It was still Amy, but harder. Older, but not ancient. She moved like a late 50-early 60 something, but again, she didn't overplay it. Miss Gillan did not resort to the tricks that most actors use to portray age... her performance was amazing.

Accompanying her performance was the wonderful make-up department; Gillan's makeup did not follow the cliche, either. She looked middle aged, and believably so.

This episode was a chance for Arthur "Rory" Darvill to shine as well. His reactions were very apt, and made all kinds of sense. His anger at the Doctor was realistic and appropriate- especially the observation that the Doctor was turning Rory into another version of him. The portrayal of the relationship, and the truth behind how Amy knew that Rory was always 'the one' was very touching.

The episode missed being excellent by the music, which was cloying even by Doctor Who standards.

So- for discussion- contrast Rory as the Boy who Waited with Amy as the Girl who waited...

Will Conservatives Like This Episode?

Super rugged individualism and a redhead with a sword? Of course!