EPISODE REVIEW: Chuck: "Chuck vs. the Three Words" (Season 3, episode 2)

Sam White
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Chuck vs. the Three Words

To kick off the third season of "Chuck", NBC ran two episodes back-to-back. In the second episode, we learn that the reason Chuck ran out on his chance to be with Sarah was because he loved her. If that doesn’t make sense, wait. I may explain later (but, probably not).

The big news in this episode, though, was the return of Karina, Sarah Walker’s friend/rival in the spy biz and the lust of Morgan’s life now that Ellie is married. While trying to prove that he can do the spy biz, Chuck flashes on Karina’s new fiancé and learns that the man is a very mean and evil arms dealer. Suddenly, Chuck and Sarah and Casey are enrolled in Karina’s mission to intercept a brand new weapon (that looks like a cross between a land mine and a CD player) of undisclosed useage.

Morgan, meanwhile, is revealed to have washed out of his sushi-preparing school in Hawaii, lost his girlfriend to a better chef, and is living in a room at the Buy More (Emmet has noticed that someone’s stealing toilet paper but hasn’t noticed the quilts on the couch in the video room!). Ellie and Awesome move out of their apartment—leaving it to Chuck and a roommate, which becomes Morgan, much to Ellie’s chagrin.

Things I liked about this episode:

Chuck, thanks to having the Intersect 2.0 in his brain, uses amazing gymnastic skills to get through a vault that is guarded by laser lights. While this scene went on way too long (for logic or viewing purposes), it was pretty funny.

The story was good, though I did wonder why—when transporting a super-secret bomb—it didn’t occur to anyone to stop walking around with said bomb in a bright gold attaché case. It would have saved them some trouble to just stick the whole thing in a plain suitcase.

I like that Big Mike is back at the Buy More and I hope his new attitude takes root. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of his internal battles as the New Big Mike tried to come to terms with the Old Big Mike.

What I didn’t like about the episode:

Emmet, the new manager of Buy More after staging a coup against Big Mike last season, is executed in pretty violent fashion after a conversation consisting of many words I could go my whole life without hearing. Emmet was always designed to be a character the viewer hated, but the scene of his demise seemed crude and excessive.

The underwear commercial starring Sarah and Karina was objectionable on at least three fronts (ha!) for me. 1] The “lyrics” to the song being played during this useless scene were written by a 3rd grade boy who thinks it’s funny to say “b*tch” a lot. 2] The scene was useless for plot development. C] For me, it just helped to draw attention to the fact that I find the actress who plays Karina to be extremely unattractive. She’s built like a #2 pencil, has the face of an emaciated young man and hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed in four or five days. Other than that, I guess she’s hot.

While I could object to the moral aspect of Morgan bedding Karina (and being proud of the fact that he’s not the worst—of presumably many lovers—she has ever had), see my last paragraph for my principle objection. It’s like when you see a friend dating someone you find really ugly and you’re trying not to let them know you think they’re out of their mind. Looks aren’t everything, but they do count for something and I just can’t see why someone finds this woman attractive (but, apparently, some people do).

Now, according to the previews, Chuck is going to meet Angie Harmon (who has some experience in training neophyte spies!) and Lana Lang, I mean, Kristen Kreuk. Now, those are some women whose attraction I definitely understand. And, wouldn’t it be fun to hear any conversations before Adam Baldwin (John Casey) and Angie Harmon as both are known to be outspoken political conservatives in real life?