EPISODE REVIEW: CHUCK: "Chuck vs. the Honeymooners" (Season 3, Episode 14)

Sam White
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Chuck and Sarah are on a train (not quite the Orient Express but something quite like that) going across Europe as they run away from being spies. But then Chuck flashes on a bad guy and Sarah happens to glimpse a gun on what she thinks is one of the man’s minions.

So Chuck and Sarah decide to take on one more mission and capture this bad guy and turn him over to Interpol. Their scheme works perfectly, with no violence needed, except that it turns out the man was already in the custody of Interpol. That’s who the two “goons” (as Rockford would have called them) were.

Meanwhile, General Beckman has tasked Casey with finding the runaway couple. She also tasks him with using Morgan as an asset thinking—correctly, it turns out—that if anyone can find Chuck, it’s Morgan. Morgan then uses the CIA’s computers to find a security video of a disguised Chuck buying the latest “Justice League” comic book at a railway station somewhere in Europe.

So Casey and Morgan come to Europe to catch Chuck and Sarah but manage, instead, to get the bad-guy away from other Interpol agents and into the hands of the mafia-types he was going to turn on in the first place. As Sarah and Chuck run away to lives of their own, Morgan and Casey are captured and tied up by the mafia types.

[spoiler alert] Sarah and Chuck—while handcuffed together—come back and save the day by crashing a Vespa through a window. They then have an excellently choreographed fight scene (all while hand-cuffed) in which they defeat the bad guys and free Morgan and Casey. They also get the bad guy successfully turned over to Interpol.

And then there’s ten minutes left of the show, in which General Beckman surprises us by not being as upset about the Chuck/Sarah union as you would think; Ellie gets over her anger at Chuck for missing out on her going away party; Morgan is thanked for his participation by Casey; and Chuck tells Ellie that he and Sarah are finally together.

On the other hand … this has been a great third season for “Chuck” and I hope it leads into a fourth. All the episodes have been very enjoyable. Judged against the rest of the season, though, I thought this was the weakest episode this year. I enjoyed it, but if “Chuck” were a football team, I would say they kept their undefeated streak alive by falling on a fumble in the end zone. Something about the whole episode just seemed flat to me. Maybe it was because Chuck and Sarah were operating independently of the rest of the cast for most of the episode. And maybe it was because he’s finally able to be with Sarah, but Chuck seemed to suddenly have more control over flashing than in previous episodes. Still, a weak episode of “Chuck” is better than anything else currently on TV.