EPISODE REVIEW: Chuck: "Chuck vs. First Class" (Season 3, Episode 5)

Sam White
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[Warning: I write this review while sitting slope-side in Colorado, so I can't guarantee my ability to stay focused.]

Chuck got his first solo mission this past Monday night, much to the objection of Sarah and Casey.  But Shaw was determined to send Chuck on this mission and see if he had the makings of a "real" agent.

Shaw is proving to be a much more interesting character than I originally thought he would be.  He seems to be not just a "super" agent, but an obsessed agent.  And a conflicted one.  So far, he seems willing to risk not just Chuck's life, but the mission itself to carry out his own vendetta against the Ring.  He explained to Sarah that he had once been married to a fellow agent who had been killed by the Ring.  [Of course, the man's a CIA agent, so he may not be telling the truth about this, anyway.]  Shaw also tends to wear glasses now and then, which doesn't make him look as different as other movies would lead us to believe.

As a result, Chuck is stuck on a flight to Paris along with--at first--a member of the Ring played with malevolent woodenness by "Stone Bored" Steve Austin.  And then, it turns out there's another Ring agent on the plane, the pretty blonde stewardess who is actually Austin's superior.

But that wasn't the big news.  The big news was that Chuck found himself seated next to the beautiful Lana--I mean, "Hannah", as played by the lovely Kristen Kreuk.  She's apparently a computer whiz and in need of a job so--when last we saw her [spoiler alert]--she was applying for work at the Buy More.  (Previews for the next episode indicate that--no surprise--Jeff and Lester are all for her as an employee).

Meanwhile, Morgan has been having trouble ruling the Buy More and enlists Casey to help him quell the "insurgents".  The reference to the company picnic and what might have happened at the volleyball game was priceless (and wonderfully unexplained).

This was a good episode, not as comic as the last two eps but with much more action.  In some ways, it felt like a "set-up ep" whose purpose was mainly to a] introduce Lana and 2] develop Shaw's character a little more.

[I could write more, but I see they've just fired up the lifts!]