EPISODE REVIEW: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: “Prisoner #775 Is Missing” (Season 2, Episode 12)

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Old George appears at Area 51, busts in, and teleports the entire thing somewhere else, leaving only a huge miles-wide hole scooped in the ground. Cooper - last seen in the last episode of last year - is now a plumber. He calls in Grandpa Max, who brings Team Ben along mostly because they happened to be having a cookout with him at the time.

Underneath the vanished facility they find an alien holding center. Colonel Rossum, a more-or-less ally in the past (Introduced in the start of the “Aggregore” arc in Florida) explains (reluctantly) that the center houses hostile aliens who’ve attacked earth in the last 50 years. While investigating the place, one of them escapes. He’s a kind of Cheshire ferret.

Said ferret is a freedom fighter enraged by wasting his life in a hole in the ground for no good reason, while the revolution on his homeworld failed, and his wife and kid died at the hands of his enemies. After a tussle with Team Ben, he decides to go after Rossum for revenge, specifically making the colonel watch while he kills his wife and baby. This leads to another tussle, in which Ben goes Wildmut and then Ultimate Wildmut (Genuinely cool, and a bit Geigeresque) beats the crap out of the Cheshire ferret, who then breaks down blubbering, begging Ben to kill him since he has nothing left to live for.

They turn him over to the Plumbers for trial, and Rossum again defends his actions.

The End.


It's pretty good, I liked it. Yet another in a series of solid episodes. Less format-breaking than some, it was nice to see Max and Team Ben side by side again.

Max: "What is this place, Rossum?"
Rossum: "Sorry, Max, it's above your paygrade."
Ben: "Then my grandpa gets a raise right now, or we walk."
Rossum: "You gonna' let your grandson talk to me like that, Max?"
Max: "I'll let you know when he says something I disagree with."

Cooper has been redesigned yet again, and he’s inexplicably a full plumber now. 13 episodes ago he hadn’t even applied. Specifically: he seems to be some kind of tech investigator, since there was never even any discussion of letting him join the fighting. He’s still got that crush on Gwen, too.

Ben: “He might be innocent.”
Kevin: “He stole a space ship. He’s clearly not that innocent.”
Ben: “You really want to put your rap sheet up against his?”
Kevin: “I’m just sayin’…”

Earth has a forma treaty with the Plumbers which is regarded as intergalactic law, and Rossum and/or whatever shadowy organization within the USAF he works for have formally violated it. It is strongly implied, repeatedly, that this will have repercussions.

Gwen: “That’s overkill.”
Ben: “No, I don’t have an alien named ‘Overkill,’ and if I did, I’d yell ‘Overkill,’ not ‘Swampfire.’”
Kevin: “What’s all that yelling about anyway?”
Ben: “It strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies.”
Kevin: “You go on believing that, buddy.”

What is Old George up to? Why did he take Area 51, and where did he put it? Was he trying to expose the alien prison, or was that simply an unexpected side effect? What’s up with George, anyway? He seems largely unaware of everything around him, almost like he’s being driven by something or someone else. He’s freaky strong, though.

Kevin: “When he yelled his name just there, did that strike fear in your heart?”
Gwen: “Now is not the time, Kevin!”

Gwen got in a couple unexpected good one liners tonight, particularly when she yelled “Wildmut” in a low voice during the transformation, since that alien can’t talk.

Kevin: “You know, Rath is the only one of Ben’s aliens that makes me want to sit back, eat some popcorn, and just watch.”
Gwen: “Now is not the…yeah, ok, me too.”

Rath gets his longest, and most ramblingly angry appearance in quite some time. I can’t even begin to do it justice, but at one point he’s yelling at a hole in the ground.

Is Colonel Rossum an enemy now? What kind of repercussions will there be? How did the USAF get level 3 tech, when earth is only a level 2 world?


No. Firstly, the USAF is portrayed in a bad light (Unlike last week), and secondly this whole episode is a thinly veiled commentary on Gitmo, and on how people wrongly arrested can become the very thing we accused the of being. Turning the wrongfully-arrested into terrorists, and all. The word “Terrorist” is used quite a bit in this episode, actually.