EPISODE REVIEW: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: “Girl Trouble” (Season 2, Episode 5)

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Team Ben is fighting alien robots from dimention 12 when it turns out their long-forgotten cousin Sunny is staying with them. This annoys Gwen to no end, and Sunny’s kind of a jerk. She hits on Kevin, who’t shut up about her boyfriend Antonio, and insists on coming with them on a mission to fight robots. Turns out she’s a fully-alien member of the same species Grandpa Max’s wife came from, and she’s good at killing robots.

Gwen tries to get her mom to send the kid home, but they can’t do it: she’s fallen in with a bad crowd, and her folks thought spending the summer on Earth might help. Then Antonio, a 9-foot-tall alien lummox, shows up, then there’s more aliens, then some smack down stuff, and Gwen calls grandma to come and take Sunny home.

The End


This is the second episode in a row where Ben feels like a guest star in his own series. I have to say I kinda’ dig the format breaking. It’s not as massively out-of-the-box as last week, but it’s still pretty different. Funnier than average, too. Gwen getting frustrated was great, and they’ve added a new running gag where Kevin the tech guy doesn’t really understand human tech, though he can field strip anything alien.

“This is a private matter. We should respect their privacy.”
“Get back here!”

With all due respect to Ashley Johnson, the voice acting is kinda’ weak here. Gwen is, as ever, really good, but Sunny sounds exactly like Gwen even though it feels like she’s not supposed to. Gwen’s mom sounds just like Gwen pretending to be an old lady for some reason. A really old lady. Like Marge Simpson’s mom.

Quoth one of my kids: “So Sunny is like Jeannie’s evil twin sister Jeanie from I Dream of Jeanie? Because she’s evil and has black hair, and somehow better-looking than Jeanie, despite being identical?”

“Hello, Kevin.”
“Hello, Gwen’s frightening grandma.”

The Tennyson family tree is always sorta’ confusing: Max and Grandma had two kids, apparently both boys. One became Ben’s dad, one became Gwen’s dad, but Gwen got Grandma’s alien powers, and Ben got nothing. Apparently there was a never-before-mentioned third sibling who apparently lives on another planet. And despite the fact that no one knew what Grandpa did in the first series, everyone just seems to sort of know they’ve got alien blood.

There’s more good girl art in the show this season than in all the previous years of the franchise combined. Sunny is pretty hot curled up in her short skirt and high boots, and when she drops her skin, she’s openly sexy in a Marvel Comics kind of way. There was Eunice’s strategic nudity a few eps back, and….well, that’s it really. Still: more than we’ve seen before.


Fingers too achey to be coy: There’s nothing here to dislike.