Episode Review: BATMAN:The Brave and the Bold:"Sidekicks Assemble" (Season 2, Episode 6)

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This week, the Teen Titans Sidekicks form and take on the Serpent's Head, Ra's Al Ghul. Was this version of the Titans as good as the old Anime series?

Well, yes.

I liked it. R3 is probably wondering where Beast Boy and Starfire are, though.

Click through to read the ol' review. Spoilers a gogo, including Disco Nightwing!

Play by Play


Sometime in the past, the Justice League is conferring on the Justice League Satellite… and the sidekicks (Robin, Aqualad and Speedy) are cooling their heels, impatiently waiting on their mentors. Robin and Aqualad get in a fight, so Batman sets them to work, training in a holographic 'danger room'. In the course of training, the seeds are planted for the beginnings of the Teen Titans.

Main Episode

The now adult sidekicks break up a break in by Ras Al Ghul's henchmen. They are doing pretty well until Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow bust in on them. In the confusion and generational issues, the bad guys get away. The proto-Titans and the Justice Leaguers head to the Hall of Justice (Yes, THAT Hall of Justice) to compare notes and plan the next mission. Batman deliberately sets the Proto-Titans on a less hazardous mission by that most sophisticated of subterfuges: honesty. (Telling the absolute truth in such a way that your opponent will not believe it ….) Unfortunately, Batman chose the wrong island and he and the Leaguers get caught in a deathtrap with Audrey II.

Meanwhile, the Proto-Titans discover Ras' headquarters. Talia tries to stop them with ninja henchmen with glo-sticks. Robin and company make quick work of them, but forget to hold their breath when Ras drops a gas grenade on them. They find themselves tied up. Ras Al Ghul tries to convince Robin to join him, and together they will rule the earth as father and son. Robin has seen that movie, and really hated "Return of the Jedi", so he turns down the offer--- thus sending the ProtoTitans into a deathtrap.

Speaking of deathtraps, Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow escape their previous trap, and punch Audrey II's lights out. Aquaman teases Batman and lives. They try to rush to the island where they sent the ProtoTitans, but the island picks this time to fly over to nearby Coast City.

Robin, Aqualad and Speedy were set free and insulted by Talia Al Ghul, who is irritated with her dad for offering Robin the Vader Option.

Coast City is beset by an army of Audrey II's. The ProtoTitans take over the control room, where Speedy is a bit brighter than we gave the guy credit for. Batman gets on the floating island and is immediatley engaged in a swordfight with Ras. The ProtoTitans disable the Audrey II cannon and begin to turn the island away from Coast City. Ras, seeing the writing on the wall, sets the self destruct.

After things go boom- they all gather in the Hall of Justice where the 'adults' apologize to the 'kids', but Robin's missing. At that moment, he appears, in a new costume. He's now Nightwing, 'his own man'.


That was fairly enjoyable, but I always thought that the sidekicks were more interesting than the heroes anyway.

In the opening scene we see the Justice League- Red Tornado, Flash, Hal Jordan, Black Canary, (I think)Martian Manhunter, (Maybe) Fire, Aquaman, Batman, Green Arrow… and Superman and Wonder Woman's backsides. Enjoy that view, I think that's all we'll see of Supes and Wondy in this series. I'm not sure on Fire and J'Onn J'Ones… I had to watch tonight on the 9" TV and the big ol' ratings badge was smack over a quarter of the picture. (I KNOW it's going to have Fantasy Action Violence… that's why I watch the show, dangit!!!)

The ProtoTitans are never referred to as the Titans, Teen Titans, etc… probably to avoid confusing R3. He really misses that anime Teen Titans series, and the team's original line up (or 3/5ths of it anyway) would just baffle him. (Missing here are Kid Flash and Wonder Girl; you know, the REAL Teen Titans)

Ras was a mildly interesting villain; they really played up his enviro-terrorist aspect. His Audrey II cannon was a bit silly, though.

If Coast City were threatened, wouldn't Hal Jordan be the go-to Hero?

After Robin's fight with Ras' long time henchman Ubu, Robin says Sit, Ubu, Sit It was such an obvious joke, but since no-one has made it yet in all of Ubu's on screen appearances (all five of them…), it surprised me. I laughed.

Of all the Nightwing costumes, they used the original 'Disco Nightwing' costume… complete with high collar…but somehow in this universe, it fits.

More character development, more humor… and again, Batman really wasn't the star of his own show. The Brave and the Bold is turning into a nice little showcase for characters who don't get a lot of exposure.

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