Episode Review: Batman:The Brave and the Bold :"The Super-Batman of Planet X"

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Tonight- a tribute to a classic Batman story and a classic Batman cast to go with it…

"What a sad planet, plagued by crime and bad building codes"- Batman

Play by Play


- Matches Malone and Doc Magnus and the Metal Men entrap Kanjar Ro. This lasted about thirty seconds, which was about enough.

Main Plot

GA and Batman are after the Emerald Eye of Ekron when Batman gets pulled into a wormhole. H crashlands his Bat-Rocket on this strange planet, where he quickly finds a crime in progress. He stops quickly, though his batarangs blow a hole in a wall rather easily. Soon after, he meets… Batman. The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh. After a rather quick how-de-do, they go off to fight Rohtul (spell it backwards…). Batman of Earth finds out that he has Superman level powers on Zurr-En-Arrh, and takes out Rohtul's army of giant robots with ease.

The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh takes Batman (of Earth) to his cave for the prerequisite tests that you must run if you suddenly get unexplained superpowers. Scans reveal that he gets his powers from Rodon in the atmosphere. Batman takes this pretty much in stride and takes off to fight for "Truth, Justice and the Zurr-En-Arrh Way."

Rohtul, a super genius, determines that Batman's powers can be negated by quartz ( combined with the Rodon, it's toxic to humans). So, like a certain Kryptonian on exposure to a certain green mineral, Earth Batman is taken out of the fight. Native Batman is a pretty bright chap and comes up with a solution that gets Earth Bats back into the fray. Rohtul is quickly disposed of, Green Arrow finds them just in time to take a quick Daffy Duck-like flight and retrieve Earth Batman.


The Batman of Zurr-En-Arrh is based on a fifty year old Batman story that has recently been re-interpreted by no less than Grant Morrison in the recent "Batman:RIP" storyline. This episode of Brave and the Bold pays homage to the classic story: The parallel Batman, the giant robots and the colorful costume are all directly from the classic Batman #113.

The episode was also an homage of sorts to the old DC Animated Universe-- Batman of Zur-En-Arrh was voiced by Kevin Conroy, THE voice of Batman for over a decade. Rohtul is the DCAU's Lex Luthor, Clancy Brown. And the Lois Lane analogue was portrayed by Dana Delany, the DCAU's Lois and Wakko Warner's crush object.

Stunt casting is fun, isn't it?

It was a nice twist to weave Tlano (Batman-2) in as a Clark Kent type. In the original story, he's a scientist, not a bumbling reporter. And oddly enough, I think this is the first time that Clancy Brown has been able to play Luthor as a manic mad scientist.

All in all, this was a pretty nifty episode… a lot of fun!

If you caught it, what did you think? Comment below!