EPISODE REVIEW: Batman:The Brave and the Bold: "Inside the Outsiders"

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Play by Play
Green Arrow and Batman are tied to a scratching post for very large kitties. Cat theme means Catwoman, in her first speaking appearance on this show. Dressed in the classic purple dress and green cape, she and Batman flirt to the point of Green Arrow's nausea.... They break free (of course) recover the golden bookends that she was trying to steal from the old TV series (of course) and she gets away while leaving Bats her phone number (of course).

Roll those jazzy credits!

Batman, tracking down the missing Outsiders (Katana, Black Lightning and Metamorpho... remember them?), finds them imprisoned by the Psycho Pirate. The Psycho Pirate steals ... well, that's a bit ill defined... emotions? psychic energy? from his captives who he keeps in an altered dream state. Batman goes into the dream state to rescue them.

First up, Katana- She's nightmaring on her old teacher and her origin. Batman reminds her that her teacher wouldn't want her to sacrifice her pure mind and gentle heart for the sake of revenge.

They then go into the dream of the poster boy for anger management training: Black Lightning. He get's exercised by the smallest things... and positively enraged by a Barney the Dinosaur analogue.

"Not nearly the core of emotional trauma I was expecting"-Batman

Once Black Lightning embraces (heh) his proper path as a hero, we head (double-heh) for Metamorpho land. Looks like rage issues are the soup du jour.

Metamorpho, the Element Man unleashes the power of the elements. Still, happy go-lucky Rex has some deep anger due to his appearance. While Katana and Lightning attempt to talk sense to Metamorpho, Batman goes after the Psycho Pirate.

The kids succeed in managing Rex, while Batman totals the Psycho Pirate.... thus releasing them... or not.
It looks like Psycho Pirate fried the Outsiders.... in Batman's dream.

Batman feeds Psycho Pirate happy thoughts and escapes....
Happy Thoughts? The Hammers of Justice thinking Happy Thoughts? What Are Batman's Happy Thoughts????

Okay. Not crazy about this episode. It was mildly nauseating, actually.

If you saw it, what did you think?