EPISODE REVIEW: Batman The Brave And The Bold: "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!" (Season 3, Episode 4)


Man, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Five months, by my count. You can sorta blame that on Cartoon Network’s dry spell on Fridays (can’t review if there’s nothing to review). So with the return of new episodes of Generator Rex and Batman, I guess I’m back on the job.

The Rundown:

Opener: Batman and Wonder Woman face off against Baroness Gunther for the life of Col. Steve Trevor.

The episode: Hal Jordan (otherwise known as the second Green Lantern) starts off the episode by explaining the mythos of the Zamarons, and more importantly, Star Sapphire. He’s then shown testing Batman’s newly-upgraded vehicles, with Carol Ferris’s help, for him while the Caped Crusader fights crime in Coast City. A mysterious reporter, Miss Taylor, soon arrives on the scene during Hal’s testing, and acts suspiciously nonchalant when he crashes the Bat-plane (he parachutes to safety, however). He then Lanterns-up and heads over to Coast City to assist Batman in apprehending Tattoo Man. Once he is dealt with, Batman and Green Lantern have a discussion about Hal’s affection for Carol Feriss, to which Hal dismisses. As the two heroes walk away, it turns out Star Sapphire’s been watching GL, and is plotting his downfall.

The next day, Hal (back in his civilian identity) continues to test Batman’s inventions, with the sinister Miss Taylor and Carol Ferris. When the topic of Hal’s and Carol’s relation is brought up, Hal once-again ignores it, to Carol’s ire. When Carol and Taylor are alone, Taylor messes with Ferris’ doubt of her position with Hal, causing Carol to angrily shoo the reporter away, but not before Taylor leaves her with a creepily cryptic message. However, Star Sapphire shows up, and seemingly kidnaps Carol, prompting Green Lantern and Batman to rescue her. The chase leads them out into the desert, where Sapphire has headquartered herself. One battle later, and GL and the Dark Knight take her down, only to discover that it wasn’t the real Star Sapphire; just Taylor involuntarily possessed with her evil essence. The real Sapphire turns out to have been Carol all along.

It turns out that Lantern knew this all along, and that Carol involuntarily transforms into her alter-ego, and has no memory of her transformations. Hal chose to never tell her because he wished to protect her. Now back to full-power, Sapphire rips a worm hole, allowing an army of Zamarons to invade Earth. While Batman engages the invaders, GL reluctantly fights Sapphire. He soon finds himself on the receiving end of Star’s attack, due to his desire to not hurt her. Luckily, thanks to some coaching from Hal and Batman, Carol’s suppressed sub-conscious begins to fight back against Sapphire’s influence. She wins out, and the Zamarons retreat, seeing that they no longer have a leader. With the world safe, Hal and Carol admit their love, and kiss.

Later, Taylor attempts to reveal that Carol is Star Sapphire, but Batman stops her from doing so with amnesia spray. Hal then explains his only fear to Batman: losing Carol.

The Verdict:

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so I apologize if I’m rusty. Tonight’s episode isn’t technically “new”, since it was originally intended to air months ago, and already is available to watch on iTunes. CN’s been kinda weird with Friday’s. Anyway, I felt tonight’s BatB was a pretty standard fare. Batman and Green Lantern (my second favorite DC Comics character) wail on evil and learn a lesson about love. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to boast, either. Nice, slick animation, as usual.


Can’t see a reason not to.