EPISODE REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "The Plague of the Prototypes!"

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Tonight, Batman teams with a bunch of androids.  Given the recent spate of death oriented episodes, this is a welcome relief because androids can't die, can they?

Well, can they??????

Spoilers (sniff) abound...


Batman, inexplicably, is landing with Sgt. Rock at Normandy. They get into a tight spot, and call in G.I. Robot to assist. After much punching (vs. machine guns?), G.I. Robot sacrifices his 'life' to save a member of Easy Company from a land mine. After a brief eulogy, Batman, Sgt. Rock and Easy Company continue to storm the Beach While foiling an invasion with Green Arrow, Batman's Batbots are busy foiling a robbery by Black Mask and his gang. They stop the crime but are unable to capture the gang. Batman returns to the Batcave, says 'Hi' to Ace the Bathound and checks on the Batbots. The prototype Batbot, Proto, wants to see some action, but Batman denies him, saying that he's not to leave the Batcave. (I'm getting really good at typing the word 'Bat') Batman heads out to stop the Black Mask, but finds that he's somehow turned the Batbots against him. Batman converts the Batmobile to Mecha mode, but is no match for all his creations. An alarm goes off in the Batcave, Ace and Proto respond to save Batman's life and haul him out of his Bat-coffin. The Batbots steal some nuclear plastic explosives and get rid of the rest of the gang, as they are redundant. Black Mask then outfits the Batbots with the explosives and sends them out to blow stuff up. (The plan isn't really well defined….) Batman quickly finds Black Mask's hideout, and the gangless Black Mask is no match for Batman, Ace and Proto. Proto transforms into 'War on Crime Mode' and sets off after the renegade Bots. They quickly take down five of the six bots. The sixth Batbot is a rogue, and hard to track. Ace and Proto track it down and defeat it, but only after Proto risks his 'life' to get rid of a bomb. As a reward for his heroism, Batman lets Proto defend the Earth from the aliens Batman was blowing up in the first part of the episode.


With Adam West providing the voice of Proto, there was a comic timing and self referential sense of humor that this show has missed for a while. I will say, though, they really missed an opportunity. When Proto blasts skyward with the nuke-ridden Batbot, he really coulda/shoulda said "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb".

After the last spate of episodes, I didn't think I'd enjoy this one- but by keeping it close to home, making the dialogue funny and snappy and using inspired voice casting, this was a fun episode. The 'death' of G.I. Robot in the teaser was a nice bit of faux-foreshadowing that made Proto's heroism work well. I laughed, my family laughed… even the kids who are too hip for the room. Recommended. Next week: I have NO clue. The order Cartoon Network is airing these bears no resemblance to the production order.