EPISODE REVIEW: Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "The Knights of Tomorrow"

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Open on Apokolips: The Question has broken into Darkseid's control center and is ferreting out answers (That's kind of what he does…). He's discovered, and Kalibak and his dogs chase him through the corridors of Darkseid's palace, culminating in a standoff above one of the firepits of Apokolips. The Question jumps rather than being captured…

Roll Opening…

(Whaaaa? What happened?)

A narrator tells us the story of Batman, his rise, the choosing of Robin, the death of Joker, his marriage to Catwoman. Bruce passes the cowl to Dick, and proceeds to procreate. Selina (Catwoman) and Bruce have a baby boy, Damian, who as he grows up is trained by Bruce in all things Bat. Damian (predictably to anyone who's had sons) is rather hesitant to follow in the family legacy, but Bruce wants to make sure that those options are there for him.

One night, they visit the opening of the Batman museum. As they wander through the exhibit, a familiar looking foe drops through the ceiling (doesn't anybody use a door anymore?). It's Son of Joker, and he trashes the museum, until Batman (Dick) shows up and joins the fight. S.O.J. turns up the heat and blows the place to bits, burying Bruce and Selina in rubble. Their deaths motivate Damian to take an interest in the family business.

Dick hunts down S.O.J. and finds that the real Joker is still alive, but confined to a wheelchair with only months to live. He's going to take out the Bat legacy once and for all. He captures Batman and chains him to a statue of Batman when Damian appears as Robin. They battle the Joker and his quasi-progeny and finally defeat the Joker by megadosing him with his own Joker gas. Damian Wayne has taken his place as his father's legacy, and eventually becomes Batman himself.

Alfred closes the book he's writing… "A flight of fancy", he tells his employer, Bruce.


Wow- pretty cool episode. This broke the format and conventions of this show in a couple of ways. First, the teaser is usually a team up, but excepting a short appearance on a communicator, Batman isn't involved at all in the Question's mission. And I'm assuming he gets away, but that's not conclusive.

And in spite of it's 'imaginary story' aspects, the main episode features Bruce unmasked for most of his appearance, which until recently was a no-no on this show.

Currently in the comics, Damian Wayne IS Robin, the son of Bruce and Talia Al Ghul (looong story), not Bruce and Selina. Dick Grayson is Batman. So is Bruce. (again, loooong story), so this story is oddly up to date. The Damian Wayne in this episode is much less of a little jerk than the one in the funny books, though.

Joker knows that Bruce was Batman and that Dick is currently wearing the cowl- "I'm crazy, not stupid". Again, a fairly good development.

I really enjoyed all the callbacks to the Sixties Batman series, including an homage to the opening animation of the show, the bust of Shakespeare, the batpoles… it was a nice trip down memory lane.

They REALLY need to get the old Batman series on DVD or Blu-Ray soon!

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Will Conservatives Like This Episode

Legacies, Nostalgia, a hopeful look at the future? Why, of course!