EPISODE REVIEW: Batman The Brave And The Bold: "Joker: The Vile and the Villainous" (Season 3, Episode 2)


Before I start my review, I’d like to start out by saying hi to everyone here. For the time being, I’m taking over Republibot 3.0’s job of reviewing Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Generator Rex. Being a big fan of the former (and really just anything involving Batman in general. You know, unless it sucks), I was actually quite happy to take up reviewing this show. But enough about me geeking-out about Batman, time to get reviewing.

The Rundown:

The episode opens up with Kamandi and the Tiger people fighting against Misfit, who has taken control of an “Omega Warhead”. Unfortunately for Kamandi, Misfit had called in some help from the 21st Century: The Joker. Together, they dispatch of the heroes and imprison them. Misfit then begins to show-off the Warhead to Joker, but in an act of Classic Joker, the Clown Prince hit’s the trigger button, blowing up all of stinkin’ future Earth (though I’m sure it was just a gag).

The title song then begins, but with a twist: what would normally be Batman running around in the title sequence has been changed to Joker, as apparently he has taken over, and re-named the show Joker: The Vile and the Villainous. A change to Atlantis, where Batman is fiddling around with what appears to be a giant lens. Fisherman shows up, and attacks Batman, who easily dispatches of Fisherman. Joker shows up, but is ultimately useless, as Batman traps both and runs--er… swims away. In Gotham, Joker shows up at that bar-where-all-the-obscure-DC-Villains-hang-out-at-but-I-can-never-seem-to- remember-the-name-of. Anyway, Joker meets up with the Weeper, a villain that is continuously crying (hence the name). Joker wants to team up with him to knock the Caped crusader down a notch, but the Weeper turns him down, recounting a time from when he was the top villain around, but because of a moment of hesitation, he was defeated and humiliated by his nemesis, Bulletman. After seeing a convenient placed news report about Batman’s newest invention; the Bat-Probe, a machine capable of sensing crime anywhere in Gotham and dispatching the authorities to deal with it. Seeing as this would make villainy impossible, the Weeper agrees to team-up with the Joker to stop it.

The dastardly duo attempt to stop Batman from getting the technology he needs to finish the Probe at Star Labs. Joker and Weeper go on the attack, but are due to another moment of hesitation from the Weeper, Batman easily defeats them. His self-esteem crushed, the Weeper departs, leaving Joker to finish the job. The Joker is, however, eventually apprehended, along with every criminal in Gotham. The Joker, unfortunately, escapes from custody and heads to dismantle the Bat-Probe. The villainous clown engages Batman in combat, essentially losing the fight to the Dark Knight. Before Batman can take care of Joker, Weeper returns. Stating his faith in crime is restored, he and Joker face off against Batman. Both are defeated, but not before the Bat-Probe is destroyed.


The Verdict:

I actually liked this episode a lot. It was definitely a step up from the past two legitimately terrible episodes. The thing I could definitely say I appreciated the most was that the show presented the plot from another perspective, with Joker as the “hero” and Batman as the “villain”. There was also a humorous contrast in the Joker-Weeper team-up, considering one is represents constant humor and the other constant sorrow (except from one hilarious instance at the end of the episode). However, I couldn’t say I appreciated that Batman seemed more ruthless then he would ever normally be. I mean, I get that it was intentional, considering the plot, but there was one part where he used missiles to drop a building on Joker and Weeper, nearly killing them. And he didn’t even try to check if they were alive. Very un-Batman.

But all-in-all, a decent episode with a few nice twists. Can’t wait ‘til next week.


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