EPISODE REVIEW:Batman: The Brave and the Bold: "Emperor Joker"

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In an homage to the classic Detective Comics #241, Batman and Robin face Firefly and the Rainbow Monster in a taste of the psychedelia to come…

Main Episode

Okay. There's no real way to do a play by play on this episode. It was insane, and a narrative would not do it justice. So… what do I try and fill 500 words with? … That song wasn't too bad, was it? … Hm. Well, maybe a logline will work. Batmite accidently gives the Joker his powers, resulting in the Joker becoming infinitely powerful. Batman, powerless against his onslaught of Rube Goldberg devices and deathtraps, repeatedly dies in gruesome and comical ways. To defeat the Joker, Batman has to lure the madman into the only place that Batman can still control: his mind.


This story is based on the Emperor Joker storyline that ran through the Superman titles a while back. In the original, Joker stole Mr. Mxyzptlk's powers and recreated reality in his image and Superman had to find a way to defeat a universe gone mad. Superman realized that although the Joker killed Batman daily, he couldn't destroy him because he defined himself in relation to Batman. This episode follows the basic themes of the story: The Joker can't wipe Batman from reality, because without Batman, there would be no Joker. It adds the idea that Batman's mental self discipline is sufficient to defeat even the most pervasive insanity. Batmite's 4th wall breakdown included a nod to the death of Jason Todd and a host of other Easter Eggs. This is the first appearance of Harley Quinn on B:TBATB, a character that was originally created for the classic Batman: The Animated Series. I'm rather glad, Harley is a perfect foil for the Joker. I'm confused. I found this episode a nice break from the long string of death on this show… even though it had more deaths than all those episodes combined.