EPISODE REVIEW: Alphas: "Bill And Gary's Excellent Adventure" (Episode 6)

Jim Stiles
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This episode involves an kidnapping of the daughter of a wealthy business man who was played by Peter Wingfield (Methos on Highlander: The Series, Tanith on Stargate SG-1). This episode is not so much science fiction or fantasy as it is a conventional police procedural. Bill and Gary catch the perpetrators of a kidnapping using a combination of their Alpha talents (Bill - amazing strength, Gary - ability to read cell phone and wireless internet signals) and conventional police detective work. Alaina Huffman (Black Canary on Smallville, 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen on Stargate Universe) also had a guest starring role as an FBI agent. At the end of the episode, Bill fulfills a promise made to Gary during the episode by giving him a driving lesson.

In previous reviews, I described Gary as having Asperger Syndrome. Technically, this was incorrect. During this episode, Gary described himself as being a high functioning autistic. Sufferers with severe cases of Asperger Syndrome and high functioning autistics have similar symptoms.


Only those who are fans of police procedurals.