EPISODE REVIEW: Alphas: "Anger Management" (Episode 3)

Jim Stiles
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This episode involves an Alpha with the ability to spread pheromones at will. Unlike normal pheromones that are said to encourage romantic thoughts and behaviors in humans, these pheromones can cause human beings to become extremely violent, even murderous. In order to capture the Alpha, all of the team members on the capture effort, except for the Alpha with super strength, had to take injections of serotonin to prevent a reaction to the pheromones produced by the antagonist. Various types of antidepressants work to increase serotonin levels, but low serotonin levels can be useful in the performance of certain tasks, such as playing the game Ultimatum.


While smells can trigger the recall of powerful emotions, these smells do not significantly affect human behavior. If this was a piece of fictional technology that had this affect on human behavior, then I would undoubtedly classify this episode as science fiction; because this ability was a natural talent and the product of normal evolution, I must classify it as fantasy. Evolution can do many things, but it will never give someone the ability to fly through the air or sport a chest cannon. Isaac Asimov's novel Robots and Empire handles the idea of behavioral control in a much more subtle and intricate manner. This is understandable because books allow much more information to be conveyed to the reader than movies and television. Asimov even handled this topic better than Babylon 5.


Yes, especially those who are fans of Isaac Asimov.