EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time : Susan Strong

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    Ok I don’t care if people read this or not I had to review this episode once I saw this. There was just some thing that was so sad yet charming about it all. Of course I’m talking about the Adventure Time: Susan Strong. Yes I realize this is a republican science fiction site. Yes I realize this is a kids show. And yes I realize how sudden this review feels in term just out there but, if actually take the time out of your day to watch this episodes you’ll come to see that this show is actually quite smart and deep. Its comparable to avatar: Last Airbender or even The Simpson (except without the heavy left leaning) in ways. This episode make appreciate being older so I can enjoy subtext of what happening.  

    I feel like I’m going to be breaking some rules here but, I really don’t want to do a recap of the whole episode because I feel it would spoil such an amazing episode.  Plus it's only a 15 minute show. So I’ll just put a quick synopsis , although if I’m told by the man upstairs I have to do a recap then I’ll do a recap.
Finn is excited to discover a tribe of "humans" living underground, but gets more than he expected when he tries to teach one of them about the surface world.

    This episode made everything finally click as to what was going on with what happened to the human race in Adventure Time.  What’s the answer you might ask: A nuclear fallout. I’ve always had my suspicions for a while and have come to this conclusion a many. This episode finally solidify my thesis and evolves it into fact. Through some episode I’ve notice that there are computer, rotted car (including police),  head sets, telephone poles, and other remnants of humanity scattered through the Land of Ooo.  I also pick up recently in the opening credits that there are actual nuclear bomb lodged in the ground.
    The star here is Finn and Susan. Him addressing how he starts to act an feel when he thinks about him being the last human alive is light but, sets the story excellently for what’s about to come.  It give him a great emotional push to actually teach Susan about what the surface life is like now and gives him some great character development. The animators and writers did a great with the scenes between Finn and Susan.  Particularly the scene where Finn, Jake and Susan are sitting around the camp fire and Susan begins to sing in her broken language and Finn decides to sing along to was great. It felt so sincere and real with pure unbridled emotion the way it came across it wasn’t like they went into a huge singing fest like Disney but, it was as if real people were singing around a camp fire with a dog playing guitar.
    Everything else in this episode played out to great expectations and left me begging for more about Finns past. You just don’t get episodes like this in other shows that hit on such stark themes such as nuclear holocaust, loneliness, and legacy. This whole episode truly just might be the emotional tip of season 2 of adventure time. I hope this episode gets nominated for a Peabody Award.
    For those of you who haven’t checked it out do it.

Will conservative like this?
It’s about a boy trying rebuild humanity. Plus there’s science to counter act magic. So yeah I think.