EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time : Mystery Train

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So this weeks Adventure Time wasn’t as in-depth as the last one ,but certainly surprised me in how clever it was. Heck, I think it could have even given Scooby-Doo a run for its money. At least for this episode. This episode reminded me of a episode of King of Hill were Peggy’s Birthday present was a mystery train ride.

Recap (spoilers)

We open up with Jake taking Finn to his birthday present. Finn himself is blind folded through the whole ordeal until they arrive at a train. For a moment Finn thinks Jake got him a train for his birthday but, Jake declines. After easing Finns hopes down Jake tell Finn that his birthday present is at the end of the train ride. Jake goes to get the tickets as Finn waits, following a creepy entrance of the train Conductor were he gives a sickening laugh. Now on the train Finn sits next to Jake eagerly but, patiently waiting for his gift as the train starts. Behind them sits two Candy People one a candy cane and the other a Candy Corn( I hate candy corn sometimes I think they make to mess with people).

Anyways the Candy Cane keep hitting the Candy Corn because it has nothing to hold its movement like hands. So after so many hits on the noggin the Candy Corn gets mad and threaten to kill the Candy Cane. After which the train enters the dark tunnel the Candy Cane ends up dead and nothing but a skeleton. Set up a murder train mystery. Finn being the protagonist begins to pick out suspect faster than you can say “Bi-winning”. Jake thinks it’s the creepy Conductor although Finn states that its too obvious.

Soon more people star ending up dead (mostly the one Finn chooses as suspects). It all lead to great scene where Finn has the rest of the survivors as wells as the people he deems suspects together in one compartment. Then they enter another tunnel or the lights go off and they end up dead skeletons. Finn looks at Jake in shock and agrees that it is the Conductor. The lights go off again and this time Jake ends up dead. The ultra creepy train Conductor appears again laughing eerily. Then without a moment in hesitation Finn takes up a sword and shoots straight towards the Conductor bubbling with blind rage. Both the Conductor and Finn battle it out jumping from compartment to compartment.

They soon reach the head of the train were Finn gets dark and tries to take a life of the Conductor but, instead hit the control panel. At this point the game is over and Jake reveals he’s the train Conductor. Also that nobody is really dead . The train goes off the dead end cliff railing and lands in jelly. They all have cake at Finns party and Jake explain they switch the body’s in the dark for skeletons. Finn ask was the dead end also apart of his plan and Jake says no. Leaving Finn just thinking about what just happened.


This was a decent episode. I was little drawn back by the ending. I didn’t think even consider Jakes shape shifting powers at all. Although when they kill the last candy people in the compartment I knew something was up. The jokes in this episode were good. My favorite had to be Finn pointing out a suspect only for them to end up dead. Leading to his bleeped out curse moment by the trains horn sure it was a easy joke but, it worked here and pulled a laugh out of me. There wasn’t much sci-fi here to work with if any at all it was just a Murder Train mystery.

Even though we did find out that Finn is now officially 13 years old. Boy hear come the puberty train choo-choo. Its nice to see character growing up and learning from life. Hopefully they’ll learn when a joke goes way to far and turns into something life threatening. But this could be a mystery to who really sabotage the train tracks. Also a added note I loved the music. It seem every episode of adventure time bring something new and strange to the table. It played well hear especially at the end. Oh and the title card was awesome. 8.0

Will conservative like this?

A little mature for kids but yeah.