EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time : Movie Makers

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This was a okay episode. I generally got a few laughs in so lets review


We open up with Finn and Jake preparing drinks for movie time in their home. All there friends in the candy kingdom are there (Man one day I want to see Jake eat the Candy Kingdom whole just so I can hear him say “scrumptious”) and ready for movie night. The movie begins to play but a warning sign come up on the video. Princesses Bubble Gum wonders what it is and Finn tells her its on all the movies they have, but, the Princess is still worried. Like any man who likes a girl a lot he caves in and reads it. He and Jake kick everyone out because they’ve been showing movie without proper authorization. Their guess begin to bang on the door because, they want another movie night. Our heroes ease their minds by telling them its still on for next time and close the door. Both then come to a decision to make their own movie.

The fist time they start filming they film random mundane events and things. These things consist of rolling coins, cloud, filming people drinking, people whistling, balancing things and ect. Eventually they get to watch what they see that its just not that interesting to watch. Both want it to be more interesting but, the genre not the same. See Finn wants pulse pounding on the edge of your seat action. Jake wants a easy going, breath taking romantic comedy. They immediately begin filming but when ever Finn wants something action wise even although, he always gets funny and romantic. Vice verse for Jake who want romantic and Funny even though he always gets action. Eventually due to different visions the relationship between them suffers. It suffers to appoint to were It comes down to Beemo to edit the film.

Movie night comes and the tension rises between Finn and Jake. Beemo puts the movie on but its nothing of what they shot. Instead its of them fight over the direction of their movie. Beemo then begins to sing telling them to stop fighting and hurting one another. The movie ends and they forgive each other.


As said this was your standard episode. I laugh hard at the Cupcake flexing it out on Jake girl. Remind me of my friends girl stories. We initially got to see a lot of characters at work here but little character development surprisingly. I always figure Jake to be more the romantic type and Finn the action type.

We also got learn a little about the Mushroom War. Well not really its actually just the name we got to hear still exciting yet eerie to hear passed out of mouth so casually without thinking about what cause it or more so what came before it. It makes me wonder if they are going to actually investigate it to a extent. Yes I realize it is a dark topic but this shows gone places to were most children show dare not go comedy wise. So yeah I think they’ll do it I mean they’ve already brang to the surface that Finn is the last human so why not. 7.5

Will conservatives like this?
Sure why not.