EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time : Mortal Folly/ Mortal Recoil

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Just got done with my mid-terms and all I have to say is Holy Crap this is what I call epic. Essentially this was divided into two different segments but I reviewed it as one. Boom!!!
Part 1
We start out with Finn, Jake and the Princess meditating. The Princess sees something horrible in her mind and they go to check it. Its revealed that it is the Lich King and he’s trying to break out which he successfully does. Before Finn can give chase to this dangerous foe the Princess gives Finn a sweater to stay warm and the gauntlet of Billy. Then the Ice king barges in to ask the princess to marry him. Finn tells the Ice King to scram by locking the window. Finn then give chase to take down the Lich King but, not before being interrupted by the ever persistent Ice King. Yes that’s right he still wants to marry her Finn angry blasts the gauntlet at the Ice king as a warning to leave him alone. The Ice King not acknowledging the situation at hand kidnaps the Princess and interrupts Finn again on his chase. This gives the Lich King time to make it to his old layer and start his enchantment. Our heroes soon get there and begin to have the showdown with the Lich King. Through this battle Finn discover that there is power behind liking some one and takes down the Lich King. This then leads to the Ice King letting the Princess go but he accidentally drops her in the toxic waste were she melts or dies.
Part 2
A intensity is in the air as they rush the Princess to the emergency room. The Ice king makes a ironic comment at the Princess who just a blob of burnt gum on a stretcher. Angry and pissed Finn punches him in the face and Jake holds him back. It doesn’t take long but the Princess regenerates almost perfectly. Almost meaning there‘s something not quite right with her. Ice King then throws out another comment about how he saw something but, Finn tells him to get the hell out to which he does. Relieved Finn tells eerie looking and talking Princess him and Jake will take care of her. After they take to her bed a series of bizarre (and very well done sound effects) happen with the princess who at this point is clearly possessed.
I mean its like something pulled straight out of the Exorcist with the horror intact. Anyways Finn after saying some words of thought leave the Princess in Jakes stead to go get some stuff she requested. She does the Exorcist routine which was very effectively scary and funny at the same time. Jake runs out of room Finn arrives and gives her the ingredients and Jake afterwords scared of the Princess tells Finn what happened while he was away. They then investigate to see what she’s up to in which they discover the Princess has become a monster. They try to go do something but she just slap them through a wall and stomps off. Finn is then confront by the Ice King who say the Princess is possessed by the Lich King he can he help Finn gets pissed and tell him to fluff off. But he soon come to terms that the ice king need to help ones he gets punched again. The Ice King then help by freezing her monstrous form but, tips over and shatters. They reassemble the Princess again and now she 13 years old the same as Finn. The Ice King flies out the window and the Princess and Finn hug. Everybody cheers happily but, the Snail who is possessed by the Lich King. The End


Spoiler Alert [Wow didn’t see that coming in the end. The princess reverting to her 13 year old self. Some how I get the feeling that this was suppose to be the shows final but, it got renewed for a new season so more then likely The Princess will be back to her old 18 year old self and out of reach for Finn again it really is tragic in ways a 13 year old boy in “like like’ with a 18 year old woman. I found it quite funny when the Ice King got up and left after he saw the Princess was 13 I bet you dollar he was thinking about Chris Hansen when he flew off.]
Speaking of the Ice king man this was probably the funniest I think I’ve seen him in a long time. Well to be honest he’s always been funny. You can never go wrong with a sociopath wizard hell bent on capture. The Ice King himself is a great deconstructed version of the evil wizard who all he does is capture Princess. His greatest moment is when he’s at the horribly melted Bubblegum Princesses bed side and forbidding her to die when he cause her fatal fall or dropped he into the pit. He’s like Roger off of American Dad he’s such an a-hole but, some how you still come to like him. Personally I don’t want him to change at all.
The introduction of the Lich was fantastic. I truly caught the sense that this guy doesn’t do Shakespearean monologue he just wants to destroy. His design was definitely creepy and the voice actor nailed his cold ghostly voice it perfectly. Villain wise I would like to see some background and dimension be put into this character. It’s a bit tricky when your writing for a character whose intent is to just destroy without cause nor make talks a lot but, think Penn and his team of writers are up to the task. I mean if they can make the Daleks interesting enough to watch for over 40 years and there only intent is to destroy and feel hatred, its safe to think they can do it.
The story itself although introducing the Lich was good the main point of the Lich was to bring out feelings in Finn that he has for the Princesses. Remember this show is about a boy growing up in a crazy magical/science fictional world but its mostly out Finn growing up. That said character development here was key for the ending.
Personally I want to say more but I think this is enough so I’ll give it a 9.5.
Will conservatives like this?
You’d be crazy not to. Literally. Crazy.