EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time : The Limit

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Alright lets do this. Not gonna lie got a lot of stuff on my plate this week. But, this weeks Transformers review will be on time. Even if I walk through hell its going to be up on time.


The episode begins with Jake and Finn chilling out gazing at the stars, in a small rounded wooden gate with hotdog princess. Jake thinks he sees a shooting star but, its just a firefly. Out of curiosity Finn asks him what is he going to wish for. Jake response brings out an equal response from Finn that they both want a “Ancient Psychic Tandem War-Elephant “(yes that all one animal). To admit the elephant did look pretty cool. Jake tells a constantly questioning Finn how control the elephant. He state that you tame him with mind not through physical means you have to let the animal take control. The then plot kicks off as Finn and Jake track a S.O.S or B.U.T.T to a maze to save some hot dog warriors.
Our heroes soon arrive at the maze Finn stares in awe for a moment. Jake gets the clever idea before going into the treacherous maze to tie his legs to a pole and stretch as they go through they don’t get lost. Finn thinks it will take forever since the maze is so big but, to his surprise they never made it to far past the entrance. This is more than likely because the warriors are idiots which explains the B.U.T.T that was suppose to be a code S.O.S of some kind. Anyways since they found the warriors our hero want to go back then the hot dog talks about the wish granting treasure at the end of the maze. This wish granting treasure convinces Jake and Finn to go after it since they want to get the “Ancient, Psychic, Tandem War-Elephant” . The hotdog warriors hop on Jakes back and the journey through the maze begins. As our heroes go through each trail Jake begins to wane he’s like a rubber band the more he stretches the thinner he gets. We soon reach the point to were Jake's eye lids are gone and he been through a beating protecting his comrades. Finn is naturally worried for his dear friend but, the warrior hot dogs urge him to press on and Jake does.
They then arrive at the entrance of wishing treasure. Although in order to open the gate the group must solve the puzzle that’s being held up by one enormous statue first. But the puzzle is high of the ground forcing Jake to go past his own limit in stretching. Without a moments hesitation he quickly deciphers the puzzle which turnout to be a cat. With the puzzle solved they head inside and the door closes on Jake's body (ouch). They see the treasure then a mud eel slithers from behind it. One of the idiot hot dogs tries to get the treasure but is killed by the booby trapped floor. Finn seeing no other choice makes a weary carry them across the booby trapped floor. The group then begin to make there wishes as the mud eel snark at them. Short and sweet the hotdog warriors end up killing them selves and Jake with out proper blood flowing to his brain wishes for a sandwich. Finn panics and wished for the “Ancient Psychic Tandem War-Elephant “which he tames by connecting with it and letting it take over. Then the elephant wishes everyone was safe and ok. The wish comes true, the mud eel curses them from afar as they ride off into the sunset saying “Yeh Boe!”


This was a ok episode compared to the rest of the season it was standard. I would have liked to see the total length of how far Jake could stretch his body. But I did learn he has a limit ,I mean I knew there was a limit its just how long can Jake stretch? In other episode I’ve seen Jake do an uncountable amount of things with his body from turning it into a suit to becoming a giant. Its good to see Jake has a limit it gives him weak point. I loved the affect of Jake's stretching it gave me a sense of worry as I saw his body thin over the course of time.
I didn’t like the hot dog warriors they got on my nerves and were really just a one note comedy act. Everything else I liked. I felt this episode could have really did some more interesting things with its plot. From there I have no real complaints.
The mud eel felt something as if out of the bible. There was just something so familiar that I can’t put my finger on it. Speaking of history the whole idea behind Jake stretching his body so they don’t lose their way come from the hero Theseus. See Theseus was a Greek hero who used a string in order to go through without losing his way in the labyrinth.It was apart of his commitment to King or queen Minos.Heck Jake battling that monster probably was his minotaur. The quest itself was for a royal person and Jake did go along with other warriors. So i guess it has some minor parallels to the Greek story . 7.5

Will conserve like this?
Do you believe magic and wishing stars.