EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time : Belly Of the Beast

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“Then it’s time to get real”
Man its been a hell of week. First a new job, then school, Computer viruses, girl problems, home problems, problems, problems, problems and more problems. But, that’s no excuse for me not to have these reviews up if anything it should encourage me to have them up even more now. This episode did a good job putting a smile on my face because of just how familiar yet odd this episode was. The whole Fantastic Voyage thing inside the human body has been done so many times. Here it didn’t feel like a Voyage as much as it did a simple mission to remove a partying pest problem.


Finn and Jake are awoken by a thundering noise that rattles their house.  Since just recently awoken both Finn and Jake seem to convince themselves as well as each other that this is a dream. Jake points for Finn to look out of his window his eyes are widen in shock as he sees a monster with fireworks spewing out the mouth stomping around outside the window. Both take gander at the monster terrorize and rips tree from the ground. Still convinced it’s a dream that their sharing together both go out and start to join the monster on its destructive rampage by dancing, yelling and generally just having a good time. This goes on until the monster kicks Jake to were the land meets the sky. Finn dances around some more but, its soon cancelled when Jake stretches back and rebuffs to Finn that this isn’t a dream. They then begin to fight the monster until they here a noise in distress inside the monster stomach. To rescue the helpless person  they hitch a ride on a tree that the monsters eating inside the monsters stomach.

Now in the belly of the beast both make their way towards the voice in distress. The voice turn out to be a Bear that looks like a beat down version of a carebear. The thing is they discover that the bear is only in distress cause he needs help setting up streamers because he think he's in a cave. Finn tries to grab the little sucker but after it climbs around his back it runs off into the glowing light . They follow the little bear  to a huge party were there are other bears partying with fireworks. To say it's more like a very big club scene with carebear rejects, anything that is inside your local club they have from the dj to a bar. Once they discover this Jake tries to leave, seeing the bear was in no danger plus his added disgust of the his current environment.  Finn stops him and then proceeds to inform him on what happens to food once its inside the stomach. Jake comes to realize they need to get the bears out of the stomach before they end up the “stuff“.
They try to convince some bears that there in a monsters stomach to no avail it doesn’t work. A small bear comes along and help them out by leading them to their leader Party Pat. Before Finn can start his rant Pat tells him that they must party before they can talk. This leads to a montage of them doing classic bar activities such as dancing, drinking and karaoke. Fatigue starts to set in and so Finn goes to tell party Pat about there current situation. Pat grudgingly accept Fin request to tell Bears about the fact that their in a monsters stomach although he tells the bear in such a way they only get more pump up to party on. This leaves Finn feeling defeated. A well done seen between Finn and Jake occurs when their at the mouth of the monster. Finn regrets not being able save the bears and fears they‘ll be turn into “the stuff “. As he talks he lets slip that he’s glad the monster did not swallow lava because it would kill the bears.

Desperate for relief against the on going party that manifests the firework rocks and fire crackers that keep spewing out of  the monsters mouth he decides to go over to the volcano and drink lava.  Finn and Jake dash to down the stomach of the beast to get the bears out. Thinking quick they begin by singing depressing songs about death which kill the mood of the party. They then force everyone out the “backdoor” because the lava is coming in through the “front door“. Everyone get out ok with maybe a  cuts, burns and bruises. Party Pat not satisfied with current predicament wants go back because it was a cool place to party. Uhhh…..yeah right. Anyways Pat negotiates a deal between him and the monster so he can stay only except they won’t use fire works but instead use lasers instead. And the monster agrees and swallow them whole. The end.

Observations \

Yeah this was a very interesting episodes not character wise  but comedy. I liked how they didn’t go for easy jokes. The could have said poop at any time although instead the use the term the stuff. For some reason I couldn’t help but giggle when he said Finn said it. I also like Pat reeked of resemble of your average hipster. Everything from his Jason Mraz outfit to his constant Getting by in a monsters stomach made him the perfect hipster. The best part was when Jake got punted by the monster into the horizon and stretch back only to calmly revealed that they weren’t dreaming.

The dancing bears seem to like to party. The last time they were seen was in the “wedding bell thaws”. I think the Ice King was dancing with a female bear who shot him a kiss which pissed off the male and a fight ensued afterwords. The bears seem to be a allegory for party life and all that consumes it that’s what I’m assuming. One off the things I’ve notice that adventure time does sometimes is introduce clever allegories for real world issues. Such as the “city of thieves” which dealt on sexual purity by vs it with a hero innocents being surround by the influence of thievery. It's these episode that make this show more than just a cut above the rest of these shows.

As for detail why’s I notice that Finn got a new sword . The sword is actually the same one from the “Mystery Train” episode a while back. The handle has a tree root based design. So I wonder if this means that every time he ages or something big happens character wise they get something new or their gear changes. That actually be something nice to see. As For what I didn’t like was the monster his design was too…..simplistic even by Adventure Time standard.

Will Conservatives like this?
It’s a party loosen up. Yeah they’ll like it.